FRIENDS OF THE LIBRARY: Kids poetry contest winners |

FRIENDS OF THE LIBRARY: Kids poetry contest winners

During the month of April, National Poetry Month, the Truckee Library held a Kids Poetry Contest for ages 5 and up. The entries were divided into four separate age divisions, and the winners in each division were read aloud at the Friends of the Library Annual Poetry Event on Friday night.

Following are the four winners in each division as well of several of the many wonderful poems by Truckee area kids.


Stallion, stallion

nice and white,

stand up tall

and show your height,

Lie down on the grass below.

Stallion, stallion,

white as snow.

Annika Deurlington, age 8

(Winner, early elementary school division)

How the Earth Got Into Place

I am the black sky.

I have lots of friends, like the stars.

One day all of the stars asked

their cousins, the shooting stars,

to give me, the black sky, a present.

First they gave me the sun and moon.

Then they gave me one more present, the earth.

They put it right in the middle of the sun and moon.

Finally I gave them a present,

More stars to play with.

But they did not take the stars.

My message to the world is:

Don’t think about what you get.

Think about what you give.

I am the black sky.

Kevin Cowie, 4th Grade

(Winner, upper elementary school division)


Almost every day I see my love.

I zip up my jacket

and buckle my boots

then I go out to play.

I ride the slow moaning chair,

as the wind flows around me

like someone is speaking truthfully into my ear.

I get off the low humming lift

and take a deep breath

I am now one with the cool crisp air.

I get into the start gate

and at that point all my worries drift away.

My skis kick and I start to move

as I turn each gate

my spirit jumps

like a boy on a snow day.

My edge carves into the snow

when I crouch to turn.

Like birds fly in the air

and fish swim in the sea

I know in my heart

That I was meant to ski.

Spencer Headley, 8th Grade

(Winner, middle school division)

(Dedicated to the memory of Brendan Allan and Bryan Richmond)

Life Giver

Many scream in terror

of your thunderous voice,

Cower in fear when you strike.

I know you call

Me to join you.

Your fingers run through my hair,

I dance, barefoot,

To the melody of raindrops.

Katrina Cornell, 11th Grade

(Winner, high school division)


I come from jealousy

It parades

Into my veins

Filling my body

It is like a starving dog

Pleading for a scrap of food

I come from jealousy

Fiery red flames

Build inside me

A feeling of great envy

Over someone better

I come form jealousy

It slowly bubbles

Inside me

Like a feverish tea kettle

Waiting to boil over

In a mighty rampage

Toward its next

Innocent victim

Kat Altieri, 8th Grade

Special Events

— Publishing Workshop Series

Bookshelf Stores and Friends of the Library co-host a series of workshops with local writers and artists on Wednesdays, 7 to 9 p.m. There will be a $10 fee. Call to reserve a space.

May 9: novelist Joanne Meschery

— Special 4-Week Infant Lapsit Program:

For ages 6-18 months, May 2-May 23, two Wednesday sessions, at 10 a.m. and 11 a.m.

Special Programs for Children

Regular Childrens’ Programs

(Storytimes will take a break, May 28-July 10)

— Saturday Morning Storytelling

For ages 3 to 7, Saturdays, 10:30 a.m. at the library, with Mrs. Fix from Church of the Mountains Preschool.

— Friday Storytime

For ages 3 to 5, Fridays, 10:30 a.m. at the library.

— Tuesday Toddlertime

For ages 3 and under, Tuesdays, 10:30 a.m. at the library.

Truckee Library, 582-7846

10031 Levone Avenue

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