FRIENDS OF THE LIBRARY: What kids do write |

FRIENDS OF THE LIBRARY: What kids do write

This “Friends of the Library” column will now feature “What Kids Do Write,” different writings by middle school students once a month.

Barbara Ferrera from Prosser Creek Charter School originated the idea of presenting to the community work by our children. Each monthly column will focus on a different theme, and may include poetry, essays, letters, book reviews, etc., as they are written by 6th, 7th and 8th grade students from the different schools in our area.

This month’s theme is The Holiday Season.

The Perfect Gift

The perfect gift,

Is not a horse,

That can run through an obstacle course.

The perfect gift,

Is not money,

With a note that says “Merry Christmas, Love, Honey.”

The perfect gift,

Is not love,

At least the kind that comes with a dove.

The perfect gift,

Is not live,

Because then you wouldn’t fuss with cousin, Ive.

The perfect gift,

Is simply this,

The love and joy on Christmas day,

With thoughts of Santa on his sleigh!

Deanna J. Beals, 7th Grade

Prosser Creek Charter School

My Best Present I’ve Ever Received

My Best Present I ever received was at Christmas. I received it from my mom. She gave me a little sister. She gave birth on December 11, 1998. Now she is going to be 2 years old. I got to see her one day after Christmas. At first she was a crying little baby but now she is a trouble-maker.

Daniela Estrada, 6th Grade

North Tahoe Middle School

The Best Present Ever

The best Christmas present I ever got was an XR 100 dirt bike. I walked into my living room on Christmas morning and saw tons of toys under the tree. I started looking at them drowsily and my mom began to laugh. “What?” I asked. She pointed to the other side of the tree. I looked and my face lit up. I saw a brand new XR 100. That motorcycle led me to racing a YZ 80, and eventually led me to try an XR 250, which I couldn’t live without today.

Tyler Seehuetter, 8th Grade

Prosser Creek Charter School

Christmas Haiku Poetry

During the winter

Christmas comes and goes too fast.

I wish it would stay.

Eric Newland, 7th Grade

Sierra Mountain Middle School

If I had my way

Santa would come every day.

Even in July.

Cassie Denton, 7th Grade

Sierra Mountain Middle School

Decorate the tree

With lots of tinsel and lights.

Now put on the star.

Michelle Trimbath, 7th Grade

Sierra Mountain Middle School

Green winterfresh trees

Decorated with white lights.

I love Christmas time

Natalie Hammers, 7th Grade

Sierra Mountain Middle School

It is Christmas time.

Let’s celebrate peace and joy.

Love, cookies, and toys.

Angela Best, 7th Grade

Sierra Mountain Middle School

For additional information on “What Kids Do Write,” or to submit writing for consideration, contact Barbara Ferrera at Prosser Creek Charter School, 581-4757.

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