This is the second in a series of creative writings by area middle school students. “What Kids Do Write” is open to all 6th, 7th and 8th graders in our community.

For additional information, contact Barbara Ferrera, Prosser Creek Charter School, at 581-4757. This month’s theme is “The Short Short Story.”

The Worst Snow Day Ever

One morning I woke up to see out my window, snow, a lot of snow everywhere and it was still snowing. I jumped out of bed and went upstairs and I saw my sister Alie, and she was watching T.V. My mom said to me, “Julie, today is a snow day.” I was so happy, for a while. After I ate breakfast I got ready to go outside but when I went on the porch to get my sled it was not there. My sister was playing on it with her friend. By the time we got back I did not have much time until it turned dark. When I was going outside I slipped on a piece of ice. I screamed and I had to go to the doctor. He said I broke my ankle, and I got a cast. When I went home, I ate dinner and went to bed, hoping tomorrow would not be a snow day.

Aletta Devre, 7th Grade

Prosser Creek Charter School

Short Story on Short Shorts

Once upon a time there was a pair of short shorts. They were too small for the girl to whom they belonged. One day when the little girl’s mom went through her closets, she came upon the short shorts. She put them in the bag with the rest of the little girl’s clothes that were too small. She gave the bag of clothes to the thrift store the next day where another little girl came and got them. Soon after, she ripped them. Her mother threw the shorts away. The next week, they were at the dump, 24 hours later they were going through the recycling where they were made into a bottle. One year later the bottle was opened and drank by the girl who had outgrown her shorts.

Rosy DeMattei, 7th Grade

Prosser Creek Charter School


One day in 1967, there was a kid named Jose. He was different from all the others. He had different colored skin. He was left out in everything. Kids also made fun of him. So one night he went and bought some white paint. He then poured it all over himself. He went to school the next day and acted like a new kid. Kids treated him with respect and he finally had some fun. But as the days passed, the paint wore off. The kids made fun of him again. He finally said, “When I was covered with white paint you treated me fair, but when the paint wore off, you treated me like an alien. Why can’t you treat me fair?” So after Jose said that to the other kids, they realized they had been wrong and Jose was finally accepted.

Michael Peterson, 6th Grade

North Tahoe Middle School

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