From varmints to wine showers and a little bit of everything else |

From varmints to wine showers and a little bit of everything else

It was certainly nice to get some needed rain to wet down the forest as well as to remind us that winter is not very far off. It’s been kind of a strange summer with lots of wind and pretty mild temperatures.

It has also been an unusual year for animal and varmint lovers. Admittedly, I am looking forward to saying good bye to Mr. Bear who has frequented our garage several times this year; Mr., Mrs. and Baby Squirrel(s) who ate everything out of our flower garden by the middle of July; my “ever-increasing” Rabbit family who have tried to eat what lawn was left after last spring’s attack by the Vole family; and whatever it is that has taken residence under our house the past month or so!

Enough is enough! Please go night, night and wake up in someone else’s neighborhood next year!

Alice and I had a great time Saturday evening at the shower of Logan Wulff (class of ’97) and his fiance Vanessa Bolton. Logan is currently teaching sixth grade in San Ramon.

This “wine shower” was hosted by Logan’s parents Ron and Kelly Wulff at their Tahoe Donner home and was attended by Vanessa’s parents Carter and Maria Bolton of Livermore, the couple’s good friend Lisa Krummes of Walnut Creek, as well as local friends and wine lovers: David and Lynette Hipkins, Bill and Judy Deatsch, Don and Lil Schaller and their daughter in law, Aimee, Dean and Robie Litchfield, Glen and Dana Frey, Sandy Watters, Jody and John Record, David and Susie Wright.

The concept of a wine shower was rather unique. Guests brought a bottle of their favorite white wine and one of their favorite red wine, a favorite recipe, and each attendee was asked to give the young couple some marital advice.

One piece of advice that was given: “Be the person your dog thinks you are.” (Now, think about that….)

Logan and Vanessa ended up with approximately 30 bottles of very nice wine to get their wine closet started, some great recipes and probably more advice than they should ever need. Our best wishes for their upcoming wedding and a long happy life together.

The Town of Truckee road department and road construction contractors are out in force doing needed road repairs and alterations. As always, the rush is on to get everything completed by Oct. 15 (the end of the excavation and grading season).

We are very pleased to see guardrails being put up on Northwoods Boulevard above Hansel Avenue, as well as on Schussing Way down by the sewer lift station. These two corners have claimed a lot of vehicles over the years as a result of icy road conditions and unbanked curves. Money well spent!

However, last night on our way home from the shower, I noticed a new road sign on Schussing, just north of Sitzmark with a red stop sign symbol and an arrow (pointing straight ahead) underneath. I believe this is to warn drivers of a stop sign ahead ” way ahead! This sign is so far away from the actual stop sign, most people will forget the warning before they get there.

The town needs to either move the sign down closer to the intersection of Lausanne and Schussing, or, better yet, take down the stop sign warning and put up an icy road warning, which is much more appropriate for that part of Schussing.

You can tell, some of us longtime residents are just “signed” out! How have we survived so long without so many of them?

Corine Harvey was our early bird winner by properly describing the location of our artificial “Blue Spruce” cell site tower behind Safeway, up by the water tank. Mark Brown was just a few minutes behind and mentioned “it sticks out like a sore thrumb!” Mark Nadell agreed by saying, “It is uglier than sin!” He also emailed a satellite picture of the location ” bonus point for you, Mark.

Other winners included: Dave Lade, Charlie White, Pete Kolp, Bill Palmer, Ron Rettig, Leah Krone, Gordy Kjer, Sherry daRosa, Katie Shaffer, Betty Baker, Shirley Reynolds, Jerry Blakeley, Bill Thomason, Bill Mullins, Pat Northrop, Heidi Avaolos, Keith Mickelson, and, Mary DeLisle called in with no answer, but said Hi!

Former Truckee resident, Beth Cushman, e-mailed us from Buenos Aires (where she and her family now reside), at 4:47 a.m. in the morning. She reads the Sierra Sun online! Beth identified the “green” cell site tree out at the truck scales. Because of her extraordinary efforts and her continued love for Truckee, she is a winner too!

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