Frozen fuel should only affect flatlanders |

Frozen fuel should only affect flatlanders

Sierra Sun opinion

Even in Truckee, where sub-zero temperatures are a yearly occurrence (sometimes reaching far below zero), locals can be caught off guard.

Such was the case Monday when Tahoe Truckee Unified School District drivers were incapacitated by frozen diesel fuel – the gelled fuel clogged bus fuel filters, meaning transporting all the students to school was no longer an option. Even in wickedly cold Truckee, this shouldn’t happen.

Although measures were taken to prevent the fuel from freezing, they apparently weren’t enough, and apparently new measures have to be adopted.

As it is throughout California, transportation funding for Truckee schools is in short supply, so expensive solutions, such as a heated garage that can hold all 50 buses, may not be plausible. But if drivers can get their children to school in the Midwest, where sub-zero is the norm, then they can do it here.

Truckee’s school district doesn’t deserve too much grief for this one. What’s done is done. But now they have to take measures to ensure it doesn’t happen again.