Fundamentals of Ascension and Self Mastery in Truckee |

Fundamentals of Ascension and Self Mastery in Truckee

To many, life is full of obstructions. We find ways to get by, but rarely do we experience the freedom we are seeking. When our focus shifts toward conscious growth, the same obstacles will appear trivial. Not because the obstructions have changed but because we are no longer in our smallness. We learn how to overcome our obstacles and become stronger from them. No longer are we here to merely get by, but to enjoy the life that God has given us. Just as a child gains new freedoms as they grow, so it is when we grow as a spiritual being.

You will be given new tools for this new time, during the 12-week Fundamentals of Ascension and Self Mastery course, beginning Jan. 14 from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at For Goodness Sake, 10157 Donner Pass Road, Truckee. Replace the old ineffective ways of the past and vastly accelerate the process.

Limitations and misunderstandings will be replaced with new concepts, which will be more in line with the grandeur of your being.

You will develop powerful insight into your being as well as into the world in which you live. Most see the world for what it has always been, an optimist sees it for what it could be, and a master sees it for what it is. Strive to see the world as God sees it, for in his eyes we are all innocent and we are all free.

I work with the Ascended Masters when I teach, affecting many levels within your being. You may not be aware of many of these levels, however, they dramatically effect what you experience. The course includes lectures, meditations and healings. It is a curriculum-based course.

Call 550-8981 for additional information and reservations.

and#8212; Christian Michael Steele , founder of the Center for Radiance Church, Radiance of Tahoe and The I Am Healing Arts Center, Ordained Minister, M.D., teacher, healer, author, father