Galactic Gateway Chair: Take a seat for your personal mystery tour at Rainbow Bridge in the Village at Squaw Valley |

Galactic Gateway Chair: Take a seat for your personal mystery tour at Rainbow Bridge in the Village at Squaw Valley

Amy Edgett
Sierra Sun
Amy Edgett/Sierra Sun

SQUAW VALLEY and#8212; In this time of reflection and resolution, take a moment to rejuvenate your energies with Sharon Freewomanand#8217;s Galactic Gateway Chair Experience at The Rainbow Bridge, Village at Squaw Valley, Jan. 4, noon-5 p.m.

Freewoman, High Celtic Priestess and trained in shaman traditions, chose this date for an inner, magical, mystery tour coinciding with a solar eclipse and the new moon of the new year: Perfect to realign your energies, take a moment to meditate and set your intentions.

The chair is a comfortable lounger, draped with starry metallic gauze, with a plethora of crystals underneath.

and#8220;I help people get in tune with new energies,and#8221; said Freewoman. and#8220;The earth, changes in our lives, and to be in alignment with those changes.and#8221; She warns of watching too much news; it has a negative effect and we lose sight of what is and#8220;good and yummy in life.and#8221;

and#8220;Itand#8217;s all good,and#8221; she states. and#8220;The cosmic plan is at work, the coming years will be better.and#8221;

Freewoman explains the planet earth is cycling through the galactic center, framing a galactic year, to us, 26,000 years. and#8220;This is not all woo-woo: This is astronomically verifiable at NASAand#8217;s website,and#8221; said Freewoman.

This new energy should bring us into a higher conscience, if we choose to embrace it. Let Freewoman facilitate your journey. She first clears your auric field, a magnetic energy field surrounding all living things, with swift movements of a feather and#8220;wand.and#8221; Next, Freewoman grounds you to the earth through visualization and aligns your chakras, or the bodyand#8217;s seven energy centers.

She uses two Vogel crystals, developed by Marcel Vogel (1917-1991), which serve to store, amplify and convert subtle energies, to open your crown chakra. This area on your head is the center for communication with the divine source.

Now clear and ready for take off, settle into the Galactic Gateway Chair, new age music soothing, Freewomanand#8217;s voice a peaceful send off.

An array of crystals, chosen for particular energies, from ancient peoples and myths, meteors and Madagascar, are arranged beneath your seat. Lemurian crystals, reputedly from a continent lost long before Atlantis sank, are striated with the ancientand#8217;s knowledge. These are found not in a cluster, not in crystal caves, but separate in the sand in Brazil and Madagascar, an island that just might be a remnant of the lost Lemur.

And more: Moldarite, the stone of transformation, tektite, from a 15-million year old meteor strike, revered by European royalty and fabled to be the Holy Grailand#8217;s material and Ohio celestite, which opens higher energy fields, allowing communication with angels and spirit guides. And yet more: Tibetan black quartz, Herkimer diamonds, moonstones and Madagascar amethyst. And the hugely impressive, directly under your bum and chakras, Atlantian temple quartz.

Feel the energy, find your spirit guide, experience your life in a new and exciting way. Amanda Brink, born and raised in Tahoe City and back for the holidays, loves The Rainbow Bridge and took a Galactic Gateway trip on Winter Solstice. The message she received from the universe? and#8220;I feel light, like life is really good,and#8221; said Brink. and#8220;Actually, life is great.and#8221;

Get your personal message from the universe, a free event, Jan. 4, noon-5 p.m., The Rainbow Bridge, The Village in Squaw Valley, 530-584-6100, e-mail for information.

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