Gallery Keoki to host Grant Korgan book-signing event |

Gallery Keoki to host Grant Korgan book-signing event

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Courtesy imageMeet Grant Korgan, author of "Two Feet Back," at Gallery Keoki Dec. 21.

OLYMPIC VALLEY – On Friday, Dec. 21, Gallery Keoki is honoring the star athlete of the PUSH project – A Journey to the South Pole, at a book signing event.

Grant Korgan suffered a paralyzing spinal cord injury while filming a 100-foot snowmobile jump for Alpine Assassins in March of 2010.

Sponsored by The High Fives Foundation and a whole lotta love, Grant’s newly released memoir is a gripping story about life and love. The event will be held at Gallery Keoki in Squaw Valley, 6-8 p.m. It is open to the public, no RSVP required. For more info visit

Grant Korgan’s “Two Feet Back”

Paralyzed in 2010 and told the independence he cherished so much would be a thing of the past, Korgan, in his new book, shares his remarkable journey of spinal cord injury recovery, fueled by love and an unbreakable spirit.

On March 5, 2010, Grant Korgan, a nanomechanical engineer, professional athlete, and husband was snowmobiling for a film shoot in the Sierra Nevada backcountry. During a fairly routine jump, Korgan, eager after spending long months in the Stanford Nanofabrication lab, overshot his landing by two feet, fracturing his first lumbar vertebra. Instantly paralyzed from the waist down, Korgan endured a harrowing rescue effort, excruciating pain, a nine-hour spinal surgery and an immobilizing reality about what this injury would do to his new wife of only four months, his family and friends, his career and his perfectly premeditated plans for the future.

In his new book, “Two Feet Back,” published by Lucky Bat Books, Grant Korgan shares the story of his incredible fight to get his own two feet back, through unwavering love, determination and positivity.

With his wife Shawna, a former fitness trainer and wellness facility owner playing a vital role, they designed and undertook a rigorous, activity based therapy program built on a goal of 120 percent recovery, believing the word “no” was unacceptable.

Along the way, the two embarked on alternative therapies, met remarkable people who changed their lives and sparked the Korg 3.0 movement that has inspired countless others around the world.

The Korg 3.0 Movement, shared with others through promotions, expeditions, documentaries, presentations, and simple daily practice, espouses a Possibility through Positivity mindset. The movement is built upon the notion that success is achieved through three very simple principals, called the Three Points of Possibility: 1. Decide what you want, 2. Focus solely on what works, and 3. Choose positivity through any and all adversity.

Emphasized in his book, these principles have been the keys to Korgan’s recovery, and to overcoming any challenge in life, not just spinal cord injury.

Writing with raw, honest details about spinal cord injury, Korgan reveals the pain and intensity of paralysis. But through it all, it is the overwhelming love with his wife. Their unbreakable positive spirit despite continued adversity that will stay with the reader long after this story of the Korgans’ first year of recovery is over.

Korgan writes, “It’s not about what I’ve done. It’s about what I’m going to do.”

For more information about the book “Two Feet Back,” visit For more about Grant Korgan or the Korg 3.0 movement visit

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