George Bush Jr. ‘tied’ one on at wedding |

George Bush Jr. ‘tied’ one on at wedding

It’s not often we here at the local wrap have occasion to break items of national political import.

So, in a few months, when Al Gore starts running ads damning George Bush Jr., for wearing unusual headbands and outing him for having participated in what could be construed as liberal-style wedding cake decorating, I hope you’ll say, “aw, I read that in the local paper a long time ago … “

Theresa May Duggan, a field representative for the Sierra Business Council and also a long-time Democratic party organizer, dropped in Tuesday to talk about the fine work the SBC does.

Just for fun, she produced a yellowed copy of the “Peninsula Life” page of the Wednesday, July 1, 1970 issue of the Monterey Peninsula Herald and spread it across our front counter.

The feature was “June Wedding, 1970 Style.”

The story chronicled the wedding of long-haired and bearded Prescott Bush, George W.’s cousin, to Francesca Farr, daughter of former democratic California State Senator, Fred Farr.

But what really caught our eye was the photo you’re looking at in this very space.

George W. wearing a “symbolic Indian headband.”

In the modern we’ll-run-anything world of broadcast journalism, this one has to count for something.

It was nearly 20 years ago that Anne Germain, Herald Women’s Editor, wrote about this unusual wedding:

“Everybody at the wedding wondered how it all could have happened – that Francesca Farr, daughter of a former Democratic state senator, and Prescott Bush, grandson of a former Republican U.S. senator from Connecticut, were getting married to each other.

Especially at a time when young people are more politically aware than ever before …

“Touches here and there, however, did seem to reflect the politics of the generation gap.

The wedding cake, for instance, depicted many of the things about our society that young people are protesting.

It looked like a ‘super-patriotic’ cake, with many American Flags on it.

Even the miniature bride and groom on the top of the cake were waving a Flag.

They were surrounded by pieces of plastic living room furniture, and an astronaut on stilts was peeping into their living room from the tier below.

“One tier was a crowded freeway, with little cars placed bumper to bumper and side to side four lanes wide.

There were many miniature soldiers on another tier of the cake, pointing their guns in all directions, with one lying on his stomach aiming at a little pink pig.

Baseball player Denny McLain, who was punished for gambling by being forbidden to play, was also on the cake, as was a motorcycle cop chasing two young people, and an automobile junk heap …”

The story goes on to note the cake was decorated by the bridegroom, his best man and the ushers, of which George Jr. was one.

We’re can only assume from the photos that George W. was one of these cake decorators.

Of course, in a political contest as important as the Presidential election, such photos and information require careful scrutiny and conjecture.

Just what does the headband say to the American people?

You can tell a lot about a man by the way he decorates a cake, but what are we to make of this particular cake?

What other strange secrets could be lurking in George W.’s past?

Draw your own conclusions (and feel free to use the above info to form your own jokes). We’ll all be watching this on Larry King soon enough.

Just remember where you saw it first.

Eric Henry is publisher of the Sierra Sun and Tahoe World newspapers. His cake decorating tips and daring political observations fill this space now and then. You can pester him at

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