Glenshire students participate in Antarctica teleconference |

Glenshire students participate in Antarctica teleconference

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Glenshire Elementary School students recently took part in an online conference about Antarctica with John Deaton, who is participating in a program called Teachers Experiencing Antarctica through Rice University in Texas.

Deaton, who was a student teacher at Glenshire, contacted Lois Moore, his master teacher, so he could share his experiences in Antarctica with Glenshire students.

Deaton will return from Antarctica shortly.

Eric Rohlf, computer teacher at Glenshire, set up a teleconference in the Glenshire computer lab.

“We put a speaker phone into the lab, where we then rested a microphone on the speaker phone and amplified the sound so everyone in the room could hear,” Rohlf said. “We had room in the lab for two fourth grade classes, a fifth grade class, and a first grade class.”

Deaton called the school and gave a 40-minute presentation about his experiences, while Moore changed photographs which were presented through a projector.

“Most of the students had an opportunity to visit his Web site the week before the presentation and they were able to ask him questions for about 20 minutes after his presentation,” Rohlf said.

The computers, the computer lab, the Internet connectivity, and part of Rohlf’s position were all funded by Measure A, a parcel tax that is up for renewal March 8.