Good News Diary: Brotherhood, prom queens and Blues Brothers |

Good News Diary: Brotherhood, prom queens and Blues Brothers

Randy Allen
Special to the Sun

TAHOE/TRUCKEE, Calif. and#8212; I have a new definition of brotherhood for you. Thirty-three miners who all wanted to be the last one rescued after 69 days near hell, a half a mile underground. They were packed in down there tighter than Octo-Momand#8217;s babies. But who do you think dug them out? Thatand#8217;s right: American heroism and know-how triumph once again. The drill-operator was borrowed from his assignment in Afghanistan to get the job done in Chile. One rescued miner said that he saw God, and he saw the Devil, but he was always sure that God would get him out. Did you stare character right in the face when they brought up the last miner, the Shift Chief, the one who held them all together, and received his countryand#8217;s commendation directly from the President of Chile? Yes, heroism triumphs over disaster every time. Not everything went perfectly though. One miner found his mistress was there to greet him with a hug, and that his wife had boycotted his rescue. Whoops! I think he actually considered going back down in the capsule, exactly where youand#8217;d want to be. Maybe he could join Brett Favreand#8217;s support group for wayward hubbies. The moment I liked best though was when a young miner reached the surface only to find his brand new one-month-old daughter, Esperanza, which means and#8220;Hope.and#8221; What a cutie That age-old formula of faith, hope, and love turned the tide for these guys, and no doubt serves as a good example for Americans as we face our challenges.

Now for the and#8220;Choke Back the Tearsand#8221; moment. That would be half-time at Dublin High Schooland#8217;s Homecoming game where the Princess became a Queen by opening the only red roses. She was a cheerleader, no surprise, but also has Downand#8217;s Syndrome. Watching the cheerleaders and her classmates dance around Rachel Cooperstein doing one of those and#8220;You go girland#8221; cheers was definitely one of those priceless moments.

The French lined up 10,000 empty plates near the Eiffel Tower. Why 10,000? Thatand#8217;s how many children die every day from mal-nutrition. Blessings to everyone who sponsors a child or contributes to relieving world hunger in some fashion. Please join the battle and contact one of the relief organizations by phone or on-line: Bread for the World, Salvation Army, Red Cross, World Vision, and many others need all the help they can get. Just think, a town the size of Truckee could prevent any child from dying from hunger for one day out of the year, if we all sponsored one more child. OK, so 365 other small towns would have to do the same thing, and we could end childhood starvation. Someone with administrative gifts, please get on that. Imagine the headline. and#8220;Small Towns Wipe out Childhood Hunger.and#8221; Itand#8217;s not just a third world problem either. Ask the 82-year-old twins who provide 2,000 home-cooked meals each week to the homeless, hungry, helpless, hopeless or homebound of Knoxville, Tenn. For that matter, you could ask Project MANA or Stone Soup about hunger on the mountain.

You talk about action heroes. Did you hear about the story in Fresno, where Victor Perez, an unemployed construction worker who heard a news report about an abducted little girl? He eventually spotted the truck, followed them, and ultimately cut the guy off. Finally the kidnapper pushed the girl out on the street, and Victor stayed with her until the authorities arrived. Dude! Victorand#8217;s on my team, or I should say, Iand#8217;d be proud to be on his team.

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Theyand#8217;ll never get caught. Theyand#8217;re on a mission from God. You know, that would be Jake and Elwood, the Blues Brothers. Even the Vatican has now sung their praises for saving the orphanage near where they grew up without violating the values taught by the Sisters who worked there. Well, at least the boyand#8217;s hearts were in the right place. The 1980s classic film, and#8220;The Blues Brothers,and#8221; was described by Land#8217;Osservatore as memorable and incredible, a classic recommended for viewing by Catholics around the world. OK, thatand#8217;s the ticket Sierra people, get on your black suit, play some blues, dance around just a little bit for inspiration while no oneand#8217;s watching, get on a mission from God, and get out there and do some good. I know you will. Albert Schweitzer put it this way, and#8220;Therefore search and see if there is not some place where you may invest your humanity.and#8221;

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