Grasshopper Soup: Education and a well-oiled machine |

Grasshopper Soup: Education and a well-oiled machine

It’s another beautiful day in America, the land of the free ” depending on how much money you have.

It can even be a beautiful day if you don’t have any money, depending on how much I-Thou consciousness and wisdom you have. But you can’t buy those things at the store and they aren’t handing much out in the public school system. That’s why, and I’ve said it before, the Catholics should take over the schools.

If it can’t be measured, quantified and graded then you can’t teach it because it’s probably just opinion anyway. So the heck with religion and ethics, and interpreting in any way shape or form world history and current events unless you agree with the right person.

What good will those subjects do students anyway when they enter the real world? Their chances are better if they are just as ill-equipped as corporate America and government.

Excuse me if I woke up a little on the cynical side of the bed this morning but sometimes you can’t help it if you watch enough of the news or try to appreciate the point of prime time television. Gossip Girl? Whatever.

How about Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House, refusing to allow a vote on offshore drilling? It’s the refusing to allow a vote part that confused me. I know it may be standard operating procedure for Congress and that their power struggle is more important than the average citizen’s daily struggle to survive, but doesn’t it smell, even just a little bit, you know, like treason?

I don’t care if it’s a vote on what color your house is, how many plants you are allowed in your front yard, or making it a crime to hang a wind chime. It just seems a little odd to me that anyone in a democratic society would refuse to allow a vote on something, even if she is a Democrat. I thought voting was not only necessary, but allowed in this country.

The fact that Ms. Pelosi is afraid even her own party will vote “the wrong way” makes the matter even more interesting. But I’ll leave the final analysis and correct interpretation of Nancy’s tactics to the experts. In other words, to MTV.

As far as the energy crisis goes, it seems to me the key question is, how long will it take the USA to convert completely from fossil fuels to alternative energy sources?

Thousands of windmills from Corpus Christi, Texas to the Canadian border is just one idea being proposed as a step in the right direction. Forget the time it takes to install them, just getting everyone to agree on doing it could take several generations if it ever happens at all. It’s not a bad idea, but getting permission to vote on it could take forever.

I doubt if anyone really knows how long it will take to fully convert to alternative energy, even the experts. However long it takes we still need a source of energy during that time, which could be decades. That means oil. Fossil fuels. Because that’s what we are all (notice that word ” all) using right now. We need affordable fossil fuels. Now.

Drill. Drive. Don’t diddly. Do! Why? Because we can start tomorrow if Nancy Pelosi will let us vote. Even the Eskimos living near the most controversial site for drilling, ANWR, say they want us to get the oil. You need oil, and we don’t need the Saudis to get it for us. Are we independent or not?

Sure, there could be an oil spill. And whoever is responsible for it will probably get off the hook like Exxon did in the case of the horrendous spill in Prince William Sound. And the people whose lives were ruined will probably get the shaft, like they did in Valdez. But, maybe not.

Not if we start teaching religion and ethics again in our schools. Hopefully that might speed up the process of converting corporate America and Capitol Hill from business as usual to doing what they are supposed to be doing ” serving the people.

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