Grasshopper Soup: Lies in the White House, an American tradition |

Grasshopper Soup: Lies in the White House, an American tradition

Bob Sweigert
Grasshopper Soup
By Bob Sweigert

So, how does it feel to pay income tax to a government that is inept, unorganized and dishonest? Kind of like picking up after the kids, isn’t it?

It is time to stand up for truth in leadership. Support the Tea Bag protests today all over the country. It is time for the American people to demand accountability, honesty, fiscal discipline and morality from every elected official, special interest group, CEO, banker, insurance broker, pharmaceutical executive and so on. A little common sense wouldn’t hurt either. Hopefully, today’s Tea Party protests will have a major impact.

Next year we should all send in our tax returns with nothing but zeros in every column. Of course, there is still time to issue a stop payment on the check you sent in today.

What else is new in this ridiculous world of ours? Oh yeah, ho-hum, Barack Obama bowed to the Saudi king. Big deal. He didn’t bow to Queen Elizabeth, but he did bow to the Saudi king. The White House is denying it, but any idiot can see that Obama bowed. The official explanations of what Obama “really” did are nothing but smoke and mirrors meant to deceive you. There is nothing in the video to support their bogus explanations. They were like a kid caught in a lie and continually changing his story.

Obama can do what he wants. He’s a free American. But it was a subservient gesture. If I were elected Commander in Chief I would act like one, not a servant boy. A U.S. president is fundamentally equal to all world leaders, but the bow is irrelevant. We should be more concerned about the fact that the White House decided to lie about it. The fact that they are lying is indisputable. At least the “Bush lied” theory can be easily rebutted with facts.

The very fact that they chose to lie proves Obama bowed. The lie is an affront to the American people. Obama’s press people must think you and I are all a bunch of blind, gullible morons.

Perhaps lies from government are inevitable. They are certainly nothing new. There were plenty of lies during the Vietnam War. Talk about being lied to about reasons for going to war. The Domino theory was just that, a theory; a paranoid theory. No one should ever go to war on a theory. We were lied to then about Watergate also.

And who can forget Clinton’s lie about he and Monica Lewinsky?

Too many politicians are either lying to us or talking down to us these days. A college student went head to head with Barney Frank, the unrepentant Chairman of the Finance Committee, who is just as responsible as anyone for the economic mess the country is in. That student was not as submissive to Frank as Barack Obama was to the Saudi king. He pretty much stuck it to Barney, who deserved everything he got, including a brilliant jab from another student. The conduct of the students was appropriate and commendable. It was Barney Frank who lost his composure, scolded the student for absolutely no reason whatsoever and spoke rudely and disrespectfully to him. Barney should have bowed to him.

Today, slapstick leaders are so abundant that our government in general has become dysfunctional, obtuse and has replaced Hollywood as our best source of entertainment.

We should never tolerate lies from the White House, no matter what they are about. A lie is a lie. Obama has yet to stand up and say, “Yes, I bowed, so what? I thought I should, so I did”. That’s what good leaders do, but his silence makes him an accomplice to the lie.

Maybe Obama felt bad about bowing, and decided to get tough with the Somali pirates to make up for it. He didn’t bow to them. He had them shot, which is what you do to pirates. He who lives by the sword, will die by the sword. A famous guy who knows all about truth said that. And that’s no lie.

Bob Sweigert is a Sierra Sun columnist, published poet, ski instructor and commercial driver. He’s lived at Lake Tahoe for 25 years.

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