Grasshopper Soup: Sad but true " Tahoe vacations do end |

Grasshopper Soup: Sad but true " Tahoe vacations do end

From hot August nights to chilly winds in the blink of a wolverine’s mysterious eye is one way to describe this last week.

“Thank God summer’s almost over” is another.

Rumors of rain and snow, half serious, half jest, spill with laughter bellied up to local bars where cocktail ice towers above glasses all in a row and festive patrons on stools come and go, sharing their ups and downs. Tahoe vacations begin and end with children dancing and freely flowing good wishes and wine.

From far and near, from worldly struggles and Life’s great mysteries we have come together once again for a ski on Tahoe morning glass, a reunion at the lakefront, a retreat to the shores, the mountaintops, the island in Emerald Bay, the summit rocks, to marvel at the Donner Memorial and steal away for a fishing troll in the silent hours before and after the exciting, diversely peopled, wild and wavy day.

One night of staring in wide-eyed wonder at a sky jamming with stars, or walking through a meadow of wildflowers, has helped make some sense of our dog-eat-dog, highly competitive world at odds with itself, a world where you can be punished by your own political party for voting your conscience instead of the party line right here in California, America; a world where truth is stranger than fiction, where things are not always as they seem.

Yes, if your vacation is over you are returning home to a world that hasn’t changed and probably never will, in spite of any politician’s lofty rhetoric.

Tahoe vacations should be an Olympic sport. Whoever has the most fun wins, even when it’s over and you have to go home without a medal, no products to endorse and no fortune to be made.

Returning to “the grind” is just a resumption of your Mike Phelps-like training regimen, only you can do it on less than 3,000 calories a day whereas he requires 12,000. And if being average doesn’t get you to the highest podium of your career, just remember, it’s really not that hard to be above average.

The Olympics have been spectacular, dramatic and historical. My only complaint is that they never showed any of the cheerleader dancer girls who pranced and jiggled on the sand during time outs at the beach volleyball tournaments. I caught only one brief, split second spellbinding glimpse of what I was missing Monday night.

How you answer the following questions will determine whether or not your time at Tahoe qualifies as a good Tahoe vacation or not:

Number one, did you embark on a boat onto the pristine waters of Lake Tahoe? Secondly, did you enter Emerald Bay by boat? And last but not least, did you see the big trout under Fanny Bridge?

If you answered no to any of the above questions then you have missed the best Tahoe has to offer. Oh, there’s Vikingsholm, the Thunderbird Lodge and, if you’re lucky, a five or six figure jackpot at one of the casinos, but nothing compares to sailing Tahoe and entering Emerald Bay by boat. If that was not in your experience it is highly recommended that you return as soon as possible and git ‘er done. Trust me, you haven’t seen Tahoe until you do. Your fanny is worth it.

Returning home has its blessings too. And the world isn’t as bad as it seems. In response to a lawsuit involving CBS and Janet Jackson’s “wardrobe malfunction” at a past Super Bowl, the Supreme Court decided that “fleeting nudity” is OK. Just keep it fleeting. The more fleeting the better. The court also said that a violent new video game involving our president, called “The night of Bush capturing,” is protected free speech.

It’s good to know we’re headed in the right direction.

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