Grasshopper Soup: Welcome to Obama’s Czariarium |

Grasshopper Soup: Welcome to Obama’s Czariarium

I no longer recognize the existence of America. While I recognize our right to exist, I just don’t recognize America anymore. I never thought I would live to see the day America had Czars, but now we do.

Obama has committed us all to the czariarium. I’ve lost track of all the czars he has elevated to power. Could someone please explain to me the difference between Obama’s czars and Bush and Cheney’s good old boy cronyism?

Pretty soon we might even end up with a Czar of Personal Hygiene, an Obesity Czar or a Good Manners Czar. Maybe even a Light Bulb Czar.

Asylum in the czariarium is costing us dearly, and not just in our sanity, but in dollars we pay the czars to live the American Dream. American czarism has the potential to deprive us of government of the people, by the people and for the people. It is insane, if not illegal.

We have done fine with the executive, the legislative and judicial branches of government. For 233 years, our system of government, in spite of the usual corruption and abuse of power, has worked better than most.

But that isn’t enough for Obama. Obama’s new czariarium, or czarista, what ever you want to call it, has completely usurped our system of checks and balances. We had no voice in its creation, no vote. The czars are not elected and they are not responsible to the people, or to the representatives of the people. They answer only to Obama.

They believe they can create a utopia on Earth, which is impossible. At this rate, the exact opposite may occur. Attempts to create utopia in extremely large and diverse countries like ours have never succeeded. Utopia does not exist in nature, and we are governed more by nature than by government. Camelot exists only in fantasy.

America is engaged in deficit spending no American household could survive. Freedom is in the process of being denied to those who don’t get on board and accept the new fiscal and political agenda. If you can’t afford to comply with the government’s proposed health insurance law, you will be fined $1,000. But they don’t call it a fine. They call it a and#8220;shared responsibility paymentand#8221;.

Hey, Uncle Sam, back off! You cannot force people to share. Forcing people to share is insane. It violates the first principle of sharing, which is to give freely.

America is changing in other ways, too. Not only do we need to fear tyranny and injustice from our government, we need to fear it from people we thought were our friends and neighbors. When friend turns against friend, everyone loses. Dissent and freedom of thought is becoming less and less tolerated. That, of course, is extremely dangerous, and completely undemocratic. And, it’s immature.

One of the greatest honors of my life is to have my column appear in the Sierra Sun with the First Amendment at the top of the page. The First Amendment gives equal status to free speech and freedom of (not from) religion. Free speech means the right to speak out against tyranny and injustice. Dissent is vital to our freedom.

Disregard for the traditional American value of freedom, especially in regard to religion, has become so blatant you can see it on TV. Some of our so-called leaders even have the audacity to make it public. Faith, hard work, self-sufficiency and prosperity are becoming the subject of ridicule and resentment, and are even being called unpatriotic by many.

But, fear not. Things will progress as usual. The current administration will fail so miserably they will be lucky to get a second term, and they will all be thrown out on their big fat czarrieres by popular vote. The other party will take over, free us from the czariarium and power will change hands back and forth like it always has.

Maybe someday we will no longer see ourselves as democrats, republicans, socialists or whatever. Maybe someday America will finally emerge as intended and we will just be the people. Sane people. Maybe.

Bob Sweigert is a Sierra Sun columnist, published poet, ski instructor and commercial driver. He’s lived at Lake Tahoe for 25 years.

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