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‘Green’ your big game party with smart planning

TAHOE/TRUCKEE, Calif. – With the “Big Game” in sight, plans are underway for millions across the country to watch the game with friends and families. Each year, Waste Management sees an increase in waste generated following the “Big Game.” This year, whether you are rooting for New York or New England, or just watching for the commercials, Waste Management has developed green tips to help fans plan and divert waste by purchasing wisely, reusing materials and recycling. It’s not difficult to “Green” your “Big Game” party and make a big difference.

• Add a recycling can: Place a recycling can next to the waste can. You’d be surprised how much can be recycled when you provide your guests with the opportunity to recycle. Only toss what you cannot recycle.

• Consolidate parties: Get your friends and colleagues together rather than having separate parties. By bringing everyone together, you can limit the amount of unused food and beverages, which leads to less waste and spoilage.

• Know your audience and purchase smartly: If you have a large number of adults who drink beer, think about a keg versus cans or bottles. Kegs are easily reused, they are typically cheaper and you limit the number of bottles and cans to recycle. Plus, you can recycle the plastic cups. For the kids, think pitchers of juice, lemonade or punch, rather than juice boxes. Again, it eliminates waste and you can recycle their cups too. In addition, send guests home with the leftovers in reusable containers.

• Plan the menu: Ditch delivery and go green by making your own pizza with homemade dough or pre-made crust. You get exactly what you want, without the box. Did you know, while cardboard boxes are recyclable, pizza delivery boxes are not because of the remaining sauce, toppings and cheese? Making your own means less waste, and it can be fun for everyone.

• Serving suggestions: Much of the food served at “Big Game” parties is finger food, so avoid the urge to purchase plastic utensils. If you need a knife, fork or spoon, use one that can go in the dishwasher. It will save money, not to mention reduce your carbon footprint.

• Reuse or recycle electronics: If you upgraded your TV and electronics equipment just in time for the “Big Game,” don’t throw away the old TV and other electronics. If they still work, consider donating them to charity so they can be used again. If they no longer work, you can drop off TVs, monitors and other electronics equipment at your local electronic waste collection and recycling facility.

Combined with its wholly owned subsidiary Recycle America, Waste Management is one of North America’s largest residential recyclers, managing 10 million tons of recyclables. For more information, visit http://www.wm.com.

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