Guest Column: A trapped bear is a dead bear |

Guest Column: A trapped bear is a dead bear

Bears and their cubs are being unnecessarily trapped and killed because of the negligence of humans. After the winter season, the bears are hungry. If trash is available, it is an easy opportunity for them to eat.

The bear problem we are currently experiencing is a direct result of humans and their disregard of wildlife. Bears should not be killed because of the lack of intelligence of humans.

If you don’t secure your trash adequately, you should not be allowed to call NDOW and request a bear trap. There is a saying that “a fed bear is a dead bear” and the following is almost always true, too — “a trapped bear is a dead bear.”

If you are a resident, please use a bear box, a bear-resistant trash can or, if you keep your trash in your garage, store all smelly food in your refrigerator or freezer until garbage day.

Pine-sol is a good deterrent in your trash cans and around your garage door as bears do not like the smell of it. If you rent or own a commercial property, please use your trash cans correctly and do not leave garbage out on the ground. It is an invitation to a bear.

If you are a tourist, please put your trash in the trash cans in your area and lock the cans. Do not leave your trash on the ground. And please do not throw your trash alongside the roadway.

Remember, you come here to enjoy the beauty of Lake Tahoe. As residents, we know you are not aware of the rules regarding bears but you can educate yourselves by going to the IVGID website and clicking on Bear Awareness or going to the Bear League website. You can save a bear’s life.

Now a little about me. My family has lived here for almost 20 years and we moved here for the relaxed lifestyle after previously living in Los Angeles. The beauty and wildlife of Lake Tahoe were added bonuses.

I am a regular person who just cares about those that were here before us, namely the wildlife, and want them to continue to co-exist with us. Remember, we moved into their area! Bears can’t voice their opinions or be told they cannot have the trash that is laying on the ground, smelling so good to them.

The bears are doing what comes naturally to them — it is a disgrace that they are paying the ultimate price for it.

I challenge everyone, residents and tourists alike, to make Lake Tahoe a safe place to live for both humans and bears. We can co-exist. Please help with this effort.

Pattye Viola is an Incline Village resident.

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