Guest Column: IVGID trustees must rescind Ordinance 7 changes |

Guest Column: IVGID trustees must rescind Ordinance 7 changes

EDITOR’S NOTE: According to language from the 1968 deed restriction, those with access to IVGID’s public beaches include “property owners and their tenants (specifically including occupants of motels and hotels) within the Incline Village General Improvement District as now constituted, and, as the Board of Trustees of said District may determine, the guests of such property owners…”

In case you haven’t heard, our elected IVGID Board of Trustees voted and adopted on March 26 changes to Ordinance 7 which affect all of the property owners in Incline Village in regards to recreation privileges.

The changes include eliminating the family tree requirement for recreation picture passes, meaning instead of only family members being allowed a picture pass, now a property owner can provide anyone with a picture pass.

And instead of each parcel receiving five recreation cards/passes, every parcel is entitled to an unlimited number of picture passes that can be given to anyone including non-family members.

The first five are included with our annual rec fee (as always), additional cards 6 through 10 are $166 each, then $10,000 each for an unlimited number (the trustees can vote to lower this amount without making changes to Ordinance 7, as the costs are associated with the district’s budget).

The problem with this is that now a property owner can give a picture pass to a non-property owner — say from Kings Beach or Reno — and this non-property owner can invite their friends to the beaches … as many as they want as long as they pay the nominal fee at the gate.

Here’s an example: A non-property-owning picture-pass holder from outside Incline Village decides to celebrate his/her birthday at Incline Beach, he or she invites 50 or so of their friends, people who have no attachment to Incline Village.

The non-property-owning picture-pass holder and his or her guests don’t have an investment in the community, they don’t pay property taxes here and do not work or live here, but have all the same privileges as a property owner.

 Here is a more frightening scenario: A large developer, corporation or resort such as the Boulder Bay Development, Northstar Resort, Martis Camp, Montreux Golf and Country Club, etc., purchases a property in Incline — it could be a one bedroom condo — and this would allow them to purchase an unlimited number of recreation access cards and distribute these to the property owners within these developments.

Do you think an owner of a $2 million home in Martis Camp or Montreux would have a problem with the $166 or $10,000 (each) for Incline recreation access cards and enjoy our beaches with their family and friends instead of fighting the crowds at Sand Harbor?

Can we afford to let this happen? These changes our IVGID Board of Trustees voted for must be rescinded.

It’s my opinion the changes to Ordinance 7 are in violation of the 1968 deed restriction held upon the district’s beaches because they grant non-property-owning picture-pass holders the privilege to invite their guests to the beach.

Under the deed restriction, only property owners have the right to invite guests. Nowhere in the deed restriction does it mention or intend to allow non-property owners the ability to permit beach access to other non-property owners. That was the purpose of the family tree requirement under the previous ordinance.

We respectfully request the board take the necessary action to see that all the changes to Ordinance 7 adopted on March 26 are overturned. These changes have not been properly vetted and are not in the best interest of the community.

If you didn’t get a chance to be present at the meeting on March 26, go to this link to see the meeting unfold — — not one positive comment, and yet our trustees vote in favor of this, 4-1. Bill Devine was the only trustee to vote against.

We request a motion to put Ordinance 7 on the agenda in order to set a public hearing concerning the changes to Ordinance 7.

Please attend the board meeting on April 30 at The Chateau and make your voices heard.

Terry Barbery is an Incline Village resident and a licensed real estate agent and Realtor with Sierra Sotheby’s International Realty

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