Guest Column: Not so fast on vaccinations |

Guest Column: Not so fast on vaccinations

I would be remiss if I did not respond to the June 4, 2014, My Turn column titled “Vaccination key to maintaining health, fighting disease,” by Ken Cutler and Robert Oldham.

Had either of them taken time to look at actual statistics of any pertussis outbreak anywhere in the country over the past two decades, they would have seen that the vast majority of those diagnosed with pertussis, or whooping cough, were either fully or partially vaccinated. Vaccinated children may be more likely to contract the disease according to several studies.

As for measles, this once common, beneficial childhood disease conferred lifelong immunity, something the vaccine simply does not and cannot offer. Vaccination of any kind induces what is known as temporal or humoral immunity. Not the lifelong, cell mediated immunity that is gained by either contracting or being exposed to the disease.

My own grandmother, who is still alive, is one of seven children all of whom had both pertussis and measles. She actually had both diseases simultaneously.

Vaccination literally bypasses a good portion of the immune system, stimulating only half of the Th1/Th2 cell response, leaving the recipient at risk for Th2 mediated, autoimmune disorders. I highly recommend “Vaccine Illusion” by Tetyana Obukhanych, PhD (immunology), to better understand this issue. It is available as an e-book.

Dr. Cutler and Dr. Oldham state that “very large, well done studies from multiple countries have” answered the question about whether or not there is a link between vaccines and autism with a “resounding No.” I guess they have not read the now 86 peer reviewed, published studies that do support a link.

It is rather presumptuous to state that parents have become “complacent” with respect to vaccination simply because there are apparently increasing exemption rates. Those of us who have consciously chosen not to vaccinate our children have spent thousands of hours researching the vaccine issue in peer reviewed medical literature and have ascertained the truth for ourselves. Vaccination has nothing to do with promoting good health and everything to do with destroying it.

Parents unfamiliar with the subject need only read a product insert for any of the 49 doses of 14 vaccinations children now get by Kindergarten to realize that vaccination is tantamount to poisoning your child.

Vaccination has never been proven safe, effective or necessary. Parents have the right to opt out of any and all vaccinations for their children when it comes to school and daycare entry and by excercising that right, do not assume that anyone has become “complacent.” If anything, I was “complacent” when I fully vaccinated my own daughter “on time, every time” and watched her health deteriorate until she died.

Her “doctor” repeatedly assured me that she was fine despite numerous concerns. She would be 19 years old now and her unvaccinated, incredibly healthy younger brother is now almost eighteen years old and an only child.

Vaccinations ensure chronic illness which is extremely profitable for doctors and pharmaceutical companies alike.

Dawn Winkler is a Chico, Calif., resident.

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