Guest Column: Should America jump into the fray in Iraq? |

Guest Column: Should America jump into the fray in Iraq?

In his comments to the media two weeks ago, Sen. John McCain berated President Obama for his failed policy in the Middle East in general and in Iraq in particular.

He said President Obama should move out all his White House advisers on Iraq and replace them with the generals who “won the war” there during President W. Bush’s stay in Washington.

The following is my rebuttal of Senator McCain’s statements, which consists in part of excerpts from two of my articles, which were published in the Bonanza earlier.

July 15, 2011

“Contrary to the generals’ claim, our surge in Iraq was but a hollow success: for the way we fragmented the country in three parts is a sure recipe for civil war. The Kurds in the north have become autonomous and they control the oil from that region. The Kurds are not Arabs and their allegiance is first to the nation of Kurdistan. The rest of the oil is in the south of Iraq, which is populated by Shiites who would succumb to the flirtations of Iran from across the border. The sunnis in the center are left empty handed and would welcome the intrusion of sunni Saudi Arabia which does not want to see Iran so close to home.

“Our policy in Afghanistan defies logic and the lessons of history. Afghanistan is the graveyard of the imperial armies of Genghis Khan, the British, the Soviets and others. And there we are now, with an army of supposedly a different kind. Can we succeed? The answer is a resounding ‘No’. For the rugged impenetrable mountains are still the same and the people there are still the same fiercely independent tribes to whom all intruders are infidels to be defeated and expelled in the name of God.”

June 25, 2013

“An assessment of the status quo in the Middle East shows why President Obama is loath to jump into the fray. For should he do that there would be a rapid polarization and escalation of hostilities: Iran would increase its financial aid to Syria, Hezbollah would send more volunteers to the front, Russia would send more military gear to Bashar’s regime and the jihadist would rejoice in piling hate on America and increasing their terrorist attacks in ‘defense of Islam’. And at the end of the day America would leave with nothing accomplished, whilethe Russian bear sits on the sidelines licking its chops at yet another American folly.”

These statements, rather predictions, are corroborated by the facts on the ground now in Iraq and soon in Afghanistan when America leaves and the Taliban topples the existing regime and impose their misguided perception of Shariah and Islam.

These perceptions, originated in the 1930s by the Egyptian scholar AlQopt and later on by Dr. Zawahiri (Bin Laden’s protégé and tutor) who foresee a caliphate that will dominate the world.

Such beliefs are deeply rooted in dogma and are immune to reason. Thus one can see that it is futile for this country to interfere.

Consequently it behooves Sen. McCain to understand these facts and refrain from insisting on going back to Iraq to claim a military victory yet again.

Sid Bekowich is an Incline Village resident.

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