Guest column: Spreading the economy of love

I like working at Diamond Peak, and for IVGID in general. We have a high concentration of positive-minded people there, more than at most workplaces. Most of us understand that regardless of the myriad tasks our positions may require, our mission is to help folks have a good time.

There is a common denominator among those of us who accomplish this with some consistency, that being a positive attitude. The importance of this can’t be overstated. My attitude is the window through which I view the world, and, importantly, the window through which the world views me. What I project through my window is what I get back.

We all know negative people. Bless them; they have a rough time. It seems more is always wrong about their day than right. Their quality of life resembles that of a mud flap. They are constantly buffeted by ice, snow, sand and gravel. They are regularly splashed with mud from the puddles whoever is driving this bus runs through. It’s hard for them to be purveyors of good times because they have few to share, and they miss out on some very lucrative compensation.

We don’t get paid a heck of a lot of money. I’m glad I don’t depend solely on Diamond Peak for my daily peanut butter and cracker. They pay us, sure, and there are handy perks like discounted food, skiing, golf and the rec center. When my attitude is right, however, I open my spiritual money clip to be paid from a different economy.

When I can clear my mind of petty grievances, unrealistic expectations and a “me first” agenda, I can go in and fully participate in the joy of others’ vacations and holidays. I can, for a moment, become one of their friends or family, and enjoy my experience at least as much as they do theirs. I truly share their joy, and I am amply paid in the coin of a Higher Realm.

The currency comes in several denominations. One of my favorites is the broadening grins of tiny ones when I set them up on the counter and stuff their feet into little ski boots for the first time. Another is the exhausted satisfaction of someone who has tried diligently, taken some lumps, but at the end of the day comes back in convinced: “I can do this.”

When we come to work simply to give, we receive in large measure. This is the New Economy. We will never go broke spending this reward, for the more we spend, the more we receive. It is the economy of the spirit; the economy of love. It can transcend the boundaries of nations, language, race, and culture. It is there for us to receive as long as we are willing to give. It’s a check I’ll cash every day.

Yogi Thompson is an Incline Village resident.

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