Guest Column: Thoughts on the proposal at Diamond Peak |

Guest Column: Thoughts on the proposal at Diamond Peak

Margaret Martini

Here is my analogy of spending money on summer capital improvements and ongoing costs for summer activities at Diamond Peak:

1. Gee, I want that new Jaguar sports car that I saw on the TV commercial and that the next town over has.

2. Hey, I have an extra space in my garage with nothing in there! If I had that new Jag, me and a few friends of mine who like fast sports cars would really enjoy it and use it occasionally so they want me to have it too.

3. But I just don’t have the money, but I want it. I don’t need it, I can’t afford it (no money in the bank, already over extended on some of my recreational wants which I am still paying for) but if I pitch it to the neighborhood about how good it would look in the neighborhood, I could convince them that they should pay for it, and all the expenses that go along with it. Then I and a few of my friends could enjoy that new Jag! Life would be good.

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4. What a plan. Wow, a new Jag, and the whole “hood” pays for it and all the upkeep. We can even invite other out-of-hood folks to come and enjoy the experience of it for a nominal fee in the whole financial picture. Not to worry, though, because the residents of the “hood” will pick up the difference. They are used to it.

5. Well, I should try to get a few dollar — after all it is an expensive car. I could let others use it, only for a short season, to show the “hood” that my intentions are good, but knowing that the income for this is going to be way short of what the initial cost and upkeep is. Not to worry, see item 4.

6. So, again, how do I sell this to the rest of the group in the “hood?” Gee, some of the other towns and metro areas have it, therefore, so should we. We must be the best, even though it is on the backs of the “hood” residents, the majority of whom will never use it, but will have to pay for it forever.

7. But I want it. I cannot afford it, and I am not stupid enough to not understand that I cannot pay the ongoing expenses either. But, in my opinion, it will so improve the neighborhood that everyone should buy in to the concept (except maybe those few pesky neighbors who don’t want all those cars and traffic coming into the hood).

8. Maybe I can juggle the books and budget to make (convince) those who I think would pay for my dream into sharing (bearing) the cost. Such a government concept that everyone is used to.

Hmm … all I have to do is convince the neighborhood council members. Piece of cake, as not one of the recreational facilities in the “hood” makes money or even breaks even. Piece of cake.

What is one more financial drain if it makes the hood look good, and we can force everyone in the hood to share in the costs?

I wonder what color I will order that Jag in.

Margaret Martini is an Incline Village resident.


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