Guest column: Unethical behavior by a public employee? |

Guest column: Unethical behavior by a public employee?

Frank Wright

EDITOR’S NOTE: Upon reading this guest column online, Steve Pinkerton, general manager of IVGID, submitted the following statement in response: “IVGID has reviewed this week’s guest column, entitled: ‘Unethical behavior by a public employee?’ IVGID is not aware of any improper behavior by any IVGID employees in connection with the Diamond Peak Master Plan or in any other context.”

I read with interest the correspondence section of the most recent IVGID board packet for the Sept. 24 meeting. On pages 99 and 100, you will find a letter sent by Mr. Brad Wilson, the general manager of Diamond Peak, to a member of the community.

In his correspondence, Mr. Wilson is recruiting this citizen to show up at the Diamond Peak Master Plan public hearing which was held at the Chateau on Sept. 10, 2014. Mr. Wilson calls members of our community who do not agree with the plan as “detractors” and uninformed.

It is rather obvious Mr. Wilson is using public facilities, public computers and public funds during his work day. It appears Mr. Wilson is using his paid position to be a lobbyist, promoting his views on Diamond Peak.

This, in my opinion, is totally unethical behavior, and telling members of the community that don’t share his views — you are basically calling them stupid and that they can’t read or have not read the Diamond Peak Master Plan.

The plan put together by the SE Group is extremely padded and optimistic. Mr. Wilson continues to suggest those who don’t agree with him are spreading propaganda and false information. Mr. Wilson used his time on the job to compose a response called “FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS.”

In my opinion, Mr. Wilson is composing propaganda to fight what he calls “misinformation” and “opinions.”

Or, in reality, he is attempting to degrade questions from community members who have raised some very clear and precise questions on how our recreation funds are being blown on this Diamond Peak Circus.

I didn’t move here to support employees who are self-serving big mouths. If you paid attention to those who were in support of this Master Plan, they all had similar verbiage; could they have been others Mr. Wilson recruited during his work day?

It is not difficult to come to the conclusion Mr. Wilson is using his paid position as a Ski Area Manager to lobby for legislation. Is he using his office staff as well? This is not what a public employee is allowed to do, and it could be illegal, and it certainly is highly unethical.

Since he has no real duties due to the ski area being closed, it appears Mr. Wilson spends his workdays concocting ways to blow property owners money and rallying community members to support his opinions and views to justify the wasteful spending. All on the public’s dime.

Whether you are for or against this Diamond Peak Master Plan, it is rather unfair to have a hired gun (paid for with public money) to oppose common sense opposition and views of members of our community.

How can a community survive when there is no oversight to this type of pathetic behavior coming from overpaid and rather biased public employee? What real interest does Mr. Wilson have to make this Diamond Peak experiment a reality?

The evidence of an employee with self-serving interest is rather apparent, and apparently this employee could care less as to how our money is spent.

Frank Wright is a Crystal Bay resident a former IVGID trustee candidate.