Guest Column: What do the rec pass ordinance changes mean? |

Guest Column: What do the rec pass ordinance changes mean?

Did our IVGID Board of Trustees really vote four to one in favor of amendments to Ordinance No. 7 last Wednesday? Yes they did and here are some of the benefits of the program:

Allows parcel owners to purchase unlimited quantities of IVGID Photo Pass IDs. This is a huge opportunity to get more people onto our golf courses, beaches and other valuable venues. These passes were previously available only to parcel owners and their family.

Allows local merchants to give their employees a ham and an IVGID Photo Pass ID for a Christmas present.

Allows IVGID parcel owners who also own vacation rental properties in Tahoe City, Kings Beach and Crystal Bay to give IVGID Photo Pass IDs to renters — even weekly renters.

Buying a couple of photo passes is a small price to pay for the property owner (or Realtor) to entice a renter to pay $7,000 per week for a vacation rental.

Golfers of Tahoe City, Kings Beach, Crystal Bay, Reno and anywhere else in the world may buy an IVGID parcel owner (and friend) a case of wine in exchange for an IVGID Photo Pass ID.

It is a deal that is too good to be true, as, depending on the price of the case of wine, there is a two-day break-even point on green fees. What a great way to get more golfers onto our courses and more people onto our beaches. This is good for business.

All parcel owners are entitled to give their cleaning service staff and the staff’s family IVGID Photo Pass IDs as a Christmas present.

But don’t worry, folks. If this new program gets out of hand, the board of trustees will have an opportunity to revise it.

There is now no expiration date on adult cards, so a revision to this new policy will be a piece of cake.

Leo and Kathy Craft are Incline Village residents.


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