Hair it is! | New Year, new options for style and romance |

Hair it is! | New Year, new options for style and romance

Melissa Cox
Special to the Sun
Thinkstock.comEvery haircut should begin with a thorough consultation so stylist and client agree.
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TAHOE/TRUCKEE, Calif. – Cut it off, grow it out, lighten it, darken it … what is your New Year’s hair resolution? The first has come and gone and now is the time for change, and hair is one of the fastest ways to do that. As we all know, this sudden change can have positive and negative results. Fortunately, with a good consultation, fierce skills and unique fads the options are endless.

The first step in any good salon experience should be the consultation. It doesn’t matter if the stylist has been managing your hair for 20 years, there should always be a thorough consultation. Because of the elements, hair changes quickly and will rarely look exactly the same at each return appointment. Typically there are five steps each stylist should take to ensure a great outcome:

1. Eye contact. Did the stylist speak through the mirror or did they begin the consultation face to face?

2. Ask. Did the stylist ask specific who, what, when, where, and why questions about the results that were being sought?

3. Listen. Did the stylist use active listening skills by re-stating or paraphrasing what they heard in their own words?

4. Advice. Considering the requests, did the stylist give their professional advice as to what would be the best choices and why?

5. Agree. Did the stylist get your permission and did you both agree to the services that would be provided?

Once these steps have been taken it’s time for the “hairgician” to make magic!

What’s hot in hair for 2013?

Literally, according to Vogue Daily, “Jaguar has invented ‘hot scissors,’ which can be warmed up to 310° F, [and] claim to seal the cuticle while they cut, leaving hair less susceptible to environmental damage and moisture loss.” These new scissors are slightly reminiscent of the ancient “singeing” technique. The Grooming Guide states singeing was originally “used as a sealant in hair cuts by Turkish barbers, who believed that hair was a living, breathing part of the body. When it was cut, they felt it was bleeding, so to put it out of its pain and misery they would singe it!” Although not for the same reasons, singeing is still a popular method of hair removal today.

In case you didn’t notice Jessica Biel peeking at you from the cover of Elle, (at least for now) bangs are hot! And for those with a fear of commitment, there are always fake bangs. That’s right; companies like and make human hair clip in bangs that are simple to attach. Just “…start with your natural part, and brush your hair behind your ears. Make a small triangle section of hair where your bangs would go” (Gregory Alan). Once you’ve got your new bangs attached, use an iron on low heat so you can style them more easily. Voile! Clip-in bangs are the perfect remedy for those needing quick and dramatic change without regret.

Tips and Tricks

Looking for a great Valentine’s Day date idea for your honey? How about a “do” date? After a day on the slopes surprise your beautiful babe or super stud with a pre-paid appointment for a style or haircut at your favorite local salon. Meet up with them after, (where they will be looking amazing) and ready for whatever the rest of the day has in store. After all, “experts say that a good scalp rub may not only release tension but also may increase blood flow flooding your body with the feel-good hormones dopamine and serotonin,” according to

What better way to start a romantic evening for two?

– Melissa Cox of Urban Angels, 10120 Jibboom St., Truckee, 530-587-9900

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