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Healthy curiousity

The grisly discovery Monday afternoon of a dead body inside a duffel bag in Tahoe Donner reminds us that while we live in an idyllic place, life’s harsh and unfortunate realities are just an interstate away.

As the case unfolded ” and continues to unfold ” the town was rife with possible scenarios to explain such a incomprehensible crime: the who, what and how questions. Although we now know that the victim was from Reno, it doesn’t mean we should chalk the incident up as something that happened to somebody else from some place else.

If anything, it should heighten our senses. How did a person drop a large duffel bag off in a busy parking lot next to a busy boulevard without anyone noticing anything?

While we aren’t suggesting that neighbor spy on neighbor or that we become paranoid, it wouldn’t hurt our community if we all paid a little closer attention to things or activities that just don’t seem right.

As a Truckee police officer said earlier this week, our town straddles a major interstate that connects two metropolitan areas. With that comes the inevitable riff raff who use that major artery to infect us all with such things as bodies in duffel bags. “We are not immune to this,” the officer said.

True. But with a healthy dose of vigilance we just may be able to inoculate ourselves a little bit against their sick and unfortunate realities.