HERE’S WOODSY: Holidays at home |

HERE’S WOODSY: Holidays at home

Holidays are more than what we give them credit for.

Mom loves to remind the whole family that Christmas is indeed a religious holiday, whether or not we choose to abide by it. And whether or not we like the idea, she goes to church. She makes it abundantly clear she would go by herself if she had to, but she never does.

All four of us went this year. Whether you are Protestant or Buddhist you can learn from the spirit of the season, Mom says, and you will always be welcome at the First Methodist Universalist Church. Dad didn’t bring his yarmulke and Dustin didn’t snicker or make lewd gestures from the pew. He sat quietly and listened. He even placed a pair of new socks underneath the church Christmas tree, a little something Mom provided for he and I.

For some, the holidays are the only time of year to see friends or extended family. Christmas is the only time of year I get to see my high school buddies. The vacation is never long enough, but I always make time to see the people I enjoy being with so much.

Most of which still live near Denver. It’s great to see them again. None deliver pizza anymore, I am proud to say. Now just about everyone sells cell phones – excuse me – Wireless Communication Devices (WCD), a mistake that I don’t fully understand but will never make again. Everyone had a WCD.

Barrett, who works for a congressman in Washington, D.C., had a WCD. He deals with the press all the time, so we had much to despise and enjoy about one another. Jordanna is on the artistic side of interior design, and it is a professional faux pas for her to be seen without her WCD. K.C., who gave up management and is looking to San Francisco for a fresh start, wouldn’t be caught dead without her WCD, and Jessica, who survives hotel management in Dallas, carries her WCD because she has to.

Just about everyone else carries a WCD because who knows what they will be missing if they don’t.

Regardless, it was great to see everyone. It brought memories from the past into the present, countless memories that I would hardly recall if they weren’t shared.

Memories like those take on a new level of greatness during the holidays. We all remember them for different reasons, but they are so powerful when brought to the present they strike the same note of timelessness and humor.

And in the quiet times, eating Mom’s cinnamon rolls Christmas morning, rekindling memories from the past adds overtones of clairvoyance. You can’t expect anything, but for inherently vain daydreamers like myself looking into the past, each year further and further away, helps put a new spin on the future. It is a been-there, done-that kind of thing.

And with New Year’s resolutions the future seems to be on everyone’s mind. Soon the Christmas tree will come down, as will the lights on the house and the stockings over the fireplace. We say goodbye until next year and often hasten to the life we create away from home.

But those ever-so-rare moments of nostalgia when we bring the past and the future into the present, put the present in a new perspective, and perhaps that’s what make holidays so magical for so many different reasons, and for so many different people.

After all, holidays are so much more than just holidays.

Darin Olde is the Sun’s town reporter.

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