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Although I am a resident of Tahoe City, I am acutely aware that the actions of all decision-making bodies in the North Tahoe area impact, to some extent, the environmental, social and economic well-being of the residents of and visitors to the entire region. For this reason, I feel that the election of members of the North Tahoe Public Utility District (NTPUD) is important to me and others in the area.

Thursday evening I attended a meeting at which the candidate directors of the NTPUD delineated their qualifications and visions. The candidates are all dedicated and persuasive, but I was particularly impressed by Jerry Wotel.

I have known Jerry for several years and we have had numerous discussions regarding our concerns for the future of North Lake Tahoe and the Basin. I have found him to be aware not only of the more mundane daily problems but, more importantly, about the long range future of North Tahoe. Basically, Jerry feels that the maturing of the area over the next decades must be planned and managed. To permit North Lake Tahoe to grow “like Topsy” is unacceptable. Each new project or proposal must be evaluated not as a single entity but as a “building block” of the future as it relates to other proposed or subsequent “building blocks.”

Jerry’s education as an engineer (master’s degree) and his many years experience in the management of complex engineering projects gives him unique qualifications to evaluate and analyze the fiscal, social, physical and economic impacts of the major engineering and construction projects faced by the NTPUD. Primarily retired, Jerry has the time to devote to this effort, and he is not encumbered by having financial obligations in the area.

I believe that Jerry Wotel as a member of the Board of Directors of NTPUD will be an extremely valuable asset to the customers of the District as well as to the residents of all of North Lake Tahoe.

Myron B. “Mike” Hawkins

Tahoe City

On Oct. 17 I attended the candidate night sponsored by the Truckee-Donner AAUW (American Association of University Women). Michael Golden stated that “everyone in Truckee benefits from the airport” during his presentation. Just out of curiosity, I asked him to explain to me, a Truckee resident who is not a pilot and owns no business on Commercial Row, the benefit of the airport. He explained the benefit of the airport in case of a fire in Tahoe Donner where we live. Made sense.

Then Ms. Connie Stevens decided to answer my question also. Her first question was “do you have cancer?”

“No not yet,” was my answer. She then explained to me that there was an organization named “flying angels,” who would fly me to my doctor from the Truckee airport. She also stated that as an educated woman I should understand the benefit of the Truckee airport.

I suppose as an educated woman I should have been inflicted with cancer to realize the benefit of all those jets which fly early in the morning and late at night over the skies of our town. Makes sense.

I always advocated the operational readiness of the airport for emergency and rescue missions; however the increasing number of private jets roaring over our skies has nothing to do with emergency and rescue operations.

Parvin Darabi


We have an important election coming up and it’s critical for our future, and the future of our surroundings, that we take this seriously. Airports carry a tremendous amount of “weight” when it comes to what path a community will follow (read “Downhill Slide”) Think about it, airports connect a village to the outside world. Do we want to solicit unwelcome and uncontrolled outside interference on our way of life or do we, as a community, want to have some say in our future? If you think you have the right to affect how your lifestyle in Truckee and Tahoe will be tomorrow (and you’re a fool if you don’t) then vote for Sandy Korth and Bill Quesnel. They care as much as you do.

Ann Bryant


The Contractors Association of Truckee Tahoe Political Action Committee (CATTPAC) is pleased to announce its endorsements for Truckee Town Council: Richard Anderson, Mark Brown, and Carolyn Wallace Dee. These endorsements are based on individual interviews with each candidate, and responses generated at the Oct. 10 candidate forum and other events.

Each of these candidates has his or her own strengths and weaknesses, but all three appear to be open-minded and willing to listen. That will be crucial as the next Town Council is faced with the important task of implementing the General Plan Update and finding sources of money to pay for desired new programs. We think the building industry, and the community as a whole, is best served by elected officials who are receptive to new ideas and different points of view.

And to all the local candidates in various races ” thank you for making the personal sacrifice to run for office.

Mike Nethersole

CATTPAC Chairman

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