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Ignorance is not bliss … and it’s not an excuse

TRUCKEE, Calif. – Ravano, who owns a forensic accounting and litigation consulting practice in the Bay Area, will discuss how to be prepared to accommodate significant challenges or opportunities we may encounter. Get your financial and personal information organized and appropriately distributed. Whether it is financial questions from divorce, widowhood or you are in charge of helping elderly parents, she will present practical suggestions about the what, why and how to accumulate important financial and personal information. Participants will receive lists of suggested documents and information to assist in these life-altering situations. Discussions will include case studies regarding documentation, or lack thereof.

Ravano has consulted with the U.S. Departments of Justice and Treasury and acts as a financial expert in court proceedings. When she’s not in the Bay Area, she resides in Tahoe Donner.

Are you prepared for any eventuality? Use Ravano’s experience to move you to the next level in financial health.

Seating is limited: Reservations are highly suggested. Please leave a message for Martha at 587-4429 or e-mail happygoldens@sbcglobal.net to reserve a place. Donations are appreciated.

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