It’s a cowardly act to mar North Tahoe’s places of worship – Across The Universe |

It’s a cowardly act to mar North Tahoe’s places of worship – Across The Universe

I was raised Catholic. I was baptized as a baby, and I remember receiving my first communion sometime probably around the age of eight, that I went to church every Sunday, and that I took catechism classes for years during grade school.

Eventually, I was confirmed, which was around age 12. It wasn’t long afterward that I was given the choice of going or not going to mass. I chose to stop.

I found church to be rather boring, the same ritual each week of kneeling and sitting and standing, listening to a pastor’s lecture, singing the same hymns, eating stale wafers and sipping cheap wine, then dabbing my forehand with so-called holy water before leaving to watch football for the day.

As I grew wiser and re-looked at portions of the Bible and learned about other religions, I found myself as an unbeliever in Catholicism and Christianity.

By the time I graduated from college, it simply did not seem plausible to me. Moses, Jesus, Adam & Eve, Sodom & Gomorrah — all of it, I just find it to be rather absurd. This is my belief — but and one thing I never do is try to convince other people that my way of thinking is correct.

I realize this opinion may upset people, but it is what it is. I also believe very dearly the notion that people have the right to worship the way they want and believe in the kind of faith they want. It’s a level of respect I feel we all should have for each other.

Recently, someone has been trampling that level of respect by going around and defacing our churches. What started as perhaps a random (yet deplorable) Easter Sunday prank in Incline Village has turned into an alarming regional trend.

On Tuesday, the Placer County Sheriff’s Office reported that at least two churches in Kings Beach and Tahoe City were tagged with “offensive statements” sometime overnight on Sunday, Sept. 13.

Add that to the seriously destructive incidents at Incline churches the week of Aug. 30, on Aug. 7 and dating back to Easter — and it’s clear we have a serious problem in our communities.

While I no longer believe in what I listened to and was taught years ago, I believe there is great value for those who do attend church and those who hold their faith in God, or in any other higher power.

Whether it’s a church, a temple, or another place of worship, it’s where people to go to practice their faith, where they can go to forgive others.

And while I may not believe in religion anymore, one thing I’ve grown to understand and respect is that so many other people do.

For anyone to desecrate these places that we’ve grown to embrace as being safe, it’s unfortunate, and I hope the person responsible can take that to heart when looking in the mirror each morning.

Kevin MacMillan is managing editor of the Sierra Sun. He may be reached for comment at

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