It’s party time |

It’s party time

Jamie Bate

There’s an old saying in newsrooms that if you want a reporter to show up, offer free food.Now before you start thinking you can rustle up coverage for your annual cake walk by offering a few gratis Krispy Kremes to a drooling, Homer Simpson-esque – “Mmmm, doooughnuuuts” – journalist, think again, because chips, salsa and beer are a better lure.But I digress, this column is actually about you, Truckee. That’s because the Sierra Sun is hosting the next Truckee Donner Chamber of Commerce Mixer on Friday, August 12 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. That’s right, we will be offering you food and drink from Earthly Delights and When Pigs Fly, and music from the Rusty Strings band. (Yeah, we couldn’t afford an outfit with gleaming new strings.) There will also be assorted give-aways and a raffle.As I write, I’m reminded of another old newsroom saying that has its origin in sausage: As in if you like your newspaper you don’t want to see it made.Well, since the shindig is on Friday, we won’t be producing the next Sierra Sun. We will, however, be giving tours of the office. But don’t worry, we’ll have the snouts and tails put away, although if you have a newsworthy morsel, we’ll be all ears.Jamie Bate, editor of the Sierra Sun, can be reached at