It’s time to bust the berms |

It’s time to bust the berms

Ever since my husband, Reiner Meier’s, My Turn column (“Don’t berm me in”) was published in the Sierra Sun on March 29, I have been bombarded by horror stories from other residents of Truckee regarding snow berms.

And Reiner has been applauded as being the bold one to confront this issue, which affects the quality of life for so many residents of our town.

Everywhere I go people stop me and tell me about their story or story about someone they know.

– The pregnant woman who came home and the berm in front of her house was so high that she could not even climb over had to call her husband to leave his work in order to shovel the berm so she could get into her house.

– The man who got so mad over the berm by his driveway that he jumped into the snow removal Caterpillar and started shaking the driver.

– The travelers who came home in the middle of the night to find out they could not get in their home because there was 4-foot high by 4-foot wide berm in front of their driveway. And on and on.

In a way I am glad that we are not the only people fed up with the service we are receiving from our town officials. Other people have the same problem.

I believe it is time for us, the residents of Town of Truckee, to rise up and explain to our town council and administration that they are serving us and not the other way around. We pay taxes and support them so that they can make our lives easier and not just to provide jobs for them and their personnel.

When I confronted our mayor about the berm, she responded by saying, “They put berm in front of my driveway too.”

Is that consolation? Should we be pleased that they put berms everywhere? No we don’t.

This problem must be solved. We must be able to get in and out of our homes regardless of how much snow we get. To cut cost the town can stop removing snow when we get only couple of inches. Also it would not cost a couple of million to have a small snow removal equipment to follow the big one and remove the berm as the big one makes it.

We as the residents of this town demand that this problem be solved. And just because the mayor and some town council members also get berms in front of their driveway is not the answer.

A town hall hearing at which the town administration presents their solution to this public aggravation is a must before some one is hurt.

Parvin Darabi lives in Tahoe Donner.

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