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IVGID GM’s Corner: Improving communication for all our residents

This screenshot from the IVGID Board of Trustees page on the disitrct's new site is one of many redesigned web pages meant to be more user-friendly for residents.
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Our Parks and Recreation Guide is getting a facelift. It is now the IVGID Quarterly Magazine. You will still be able to use it as a way to learn about all of our programs, but it will now be so much more. Instead of being published twice a year, we will be publishing quarterly.

Two of the issues will still be focused on recreation programming. We are now adding two more editions to help keep you up to date on all the activities and programming provided by IVGID along with other items of interest to the community.

The inaugural issue will include stories on the upcoming 4th of July activities, status of the Diamond Peak Master Plan, state of the Ski Beach Boat Ramp, and the 2015 Lake Tahoe Summerfest.

In addition, we will include a summer Community Calendar, an FAQ on FlashVote, Water Smart Landscaping tips and recaps of this year’s Board of Trustee Meetings.

We will also be distributing the periodical far more widely than in the past. It will be mailed to every property owner in the District and included as an insert in the Bonanza.

It will also be printed on a much higher quality card stock than in the past in order to improve its quality and durability.

Despite the increased quality and scope, it will be produced at little or no cost to the District. In partnership with Swift Communications (the Bonanza’s parent company), we will now include a small amount of advertising for local goods and services in order to defray the cost.

We expect to mail out the IVGID Quarterly next week to the 6,604 property owners of our 8,181 parcels. In preparing the mailing list, I was amazed at the number of places we will be mailing the magazine.

While I realize that not every mailing address is consistent with an owner’s place of residence, it is a pretty good surrogate for figuring out where our owners call home.

Here are some of the fun factoids about state of residence

We will be mailing to over 800 cities in 46 states and the District of Columbia.

The only states not represented are Delaware, Vermont, Montana and West Virginia.

21 states have at least 10 property owners.

Nevada has the most owner addresses, just over 46 percent of the total.

California is the address for 45 percent of our owners.

Outside of Nevada and California, the most owners are in Texas with 84 and Arizona with 77. Florida is next with 57.

City factoids

Almost 39 percent of the addresses are in Incline Village/Crystal Bay.

That 39 percent equates to 2,572 owner addresses, of which only 50 are in Crystal Bay.

There are nine cities with equal or more mailing addresses than Crystal Bay.

Those cities with 50 or more include: Reno (291), San Francisco (157), San Jose (153), Danville (72), Sacramento (72), Las Vegas (62), Walnut Creek (55), San Mateo (50) and Saratoga (50).

There are 34 cities with 20-49 addresses.

Regional factoids

The breakdown by region is quite interesting as well. It is amazing how each region of the Bay Area along with Sacramento and Southern California have fairly equivalent shares of the owner addresses:

Incline Village/Crystal Bay: 38.9%

Reno, Carson and around the Lake: 6.5%

East Bay Area: 8.6%

South Bay Area/Monterey: 9.0%

San Francisco/Peninsula/North Bay: 10.9%

Sacramento Valley/Foothills: 6.4%

Central Valley: 1.7%

Southern California: 7.8%

Arizona: 1.2%

Las Vegas Area: 1.2%

Other States: 7.7%

‘Our Unique Community’

These are a lot of numbers, but I thought they would be a great way to demonstrate one of the reasons why we’ve decided to expand the scope and distribution of our Recreation Guide.

One of our main priorities as a District is to make sure we adequately communicate with all of our stakeholders.

You can surmise from this list that the majority of our owners do not live full time in our community.

You can see that the reach of our owners goes beyond Reno, the Bay Area and Southern California as well.

In our unique community, we need to find every avenue available to communicate our message and receive feedback.

We’ve updated our website, we are going to be hiring a full time Communications Coordinator, and we are going to be distributing this magazine to ensure that our owners across the country are kept informed.

I look forward to receiving your feedback on our new and improved publication.

“GM’s Corner” is a recurring column from Incline Village General Improvement Distinct General Manager Steve Pinkerton, who will discuss issues and offer updates regarding various district matters.

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