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IVGID GM’s Corner: Reflecting on two years on the job

Steve Pinkerton

April 28th marked my second anniversary as the IVGID General Manager. I am guessing that means I no longer get to be introduced as the “new” General Manager.

It has been a very steep learning curve the past two years, but after living through two full cycles of our Community’s seasonal variations — I have a much better feel for how this organization can continue to improve and strive to provide the best possible service and the lowest cost possible.

This GM’s Corner isn’t quite two years old — today marks the 42nd column since September of 2014.

My very first column was entitled “The Importance of an Informed Public.” Visit this link — bit.ly/1XwYMui — to read it.

“I expect much more public dialogue on Ordinance 7 in the upcoming fiscal year.”

Right out of the gate, I stated: “I’m a strong believer in making sure that our organization provides, clear, consistent, and comprehensive information to the public. I also believe that it is our responsibility to solicit as much feedback from the public as possible. This column will be one of many ways that we reach out to the community.”

I’d like to believe that my first 41 columns have provided plenty of insight into the inner workings of IVGID and the key policy issues that we’ve faced along the way.

In addition, our District website has undergone a complete makeover and includes a treasure trove of information about the District. Our “Resources” page includes links to our Bidding Opportunities and Purchasing Policies, our Ordinances, Strategic Plan and Construction Updates.

Our IVGID Quarterlies, Monthly Department Updates and our policies and practices are there as well. There is even a link to previous editions of this column!

As I’ve mentioned before, our “Financial Transparency” page is also much improved. Not only can you access old budgets and audits, you can also enter our “opengov.com” web portal and do your own detailed review of our finances. If you are interested in a listing of the checks we issue each week–that is available as well.

I believe you’d be hard pressed to find a public agency that provides more information — particularly one of our size.

That first column also noted the importance of further dialogue regarding the main issues of the day: Diamond Peak Master Plan, Ordinance 7 and our Solid Waste Ordinance.

Regarding those key issues, I stated: “Program and policy initiatives are far more successful when they’ve been fully vetted in advance by the community. I’m also hopeful that if we provide more information in advance, we’ll be able to have a more productive dialogue in regard to the pros and cons of each issue.”

Consequently, many of my early columns focused on the Diamond Peak Master Plan/Diamond Peak Steering Committee and Ordinance 7. More recently, one of these columns focused on our Solid Waste Ordinance.

Of course, the columns were just a small part of our overall public outreach on each of these subjects. The Diamond Peak Steering Committee met for nearly six months, all of its meetings were held in public and televised via livestream as are all of our Board Meetings. Their final presentation to the Board of Trustees was conducted as a special meeting with a packed house at the Chateau.

The Solid Waste Ordinance involved nearly 18 months of groundwork by staff via a review of the current business model, intensified enforcement, community feedback and surveys and creation of a Board subcommittee.

The Board subcommittee held a series of meetings, conducted a public workshop and outreach program and provided a fully vetted recommendation to the full Board of Trustees.

In each case, I believe a process was established that ensured a high level of community involvement and a productive dialogue which flushed out the pros and cons of each issue.

We look forward to our continuing dialogue regarding Ordinance 7. We’ve done plenty of groundwork to date including five public workshops, a resident survey, two Board study sessions on Beach Access and several budget study sessions which discussed current policies regarding punch cards and user fees. I expect much more public dialogue on Ordinance 7 in the upcoming fiscal year.

This is important as next fiscal year also marks the implementation of the most important community involvement process that IVGID has undertaken this century — the Community Services Master Plan. When completed, this Plan will serve as a guide for the recreation programs the community would like IVGID to maintain, expand and potentially create over the next decade.

I’m hopeful that the community engagement process we’ve established over the past two years, along with our expanded communication outlets — including this column and our website will ensure a high level of participation from all of our key stakeholders.

“GM’s Corner” is a recurring column from Incline Village General Improvement Distinct General Manager Steve Pinkerton, who will discuss issues and offer updates regarding various district matters. He may be reached for comment at steve_pinkerton@ivgid.org.

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