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Jim Clark: Trump vs. Hillary – an initial analysis (opinion)

At this writing, the GOP Convention has just concluded and the Democrats are ready to start.

“Berners” just lost a pre-convention fight to eliminate super delegates, and the Black Lives Matter protest is gearing up.

The day the Bonanza print edition, hits Clinton and Trump will kick off the fall campaign. The contest will be brutal … no referees … so there will be fouls aplenty. The odds? Bookies have Hillary a slight favorite; opinion polls show them running neck and neck.

What will Hillary’s game strategy be? She will bill herself as four more years of Obama and try to convince voters that they never had it so good. Like Obama, she will downplay acts of violence and move on to something else. She will appeal to supporters of Black Lives Matter and amnesty for illegals.

Will she continue to tilt to the left as she did during the primaries or alter course slightly to the right in company with Vice Presidential nominee Tim Kaine?

It’s too early to tell. Last week there was an email leak from the Democratic National Committee that showed “establishment” Democrats were pursuing a secret plan to derail Bernie Sanders’ campaign.

This gave independent credence to a charge Sanders himself made about Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the DNC.

On the other hand, as financial writer Denis Kleinfeld wrote, Wall Street prefers Hillary because it “doesn’t want someone elected as President who they can’t buy … Wall Street has already laid out millions of dollars paying Mrs. Clinton … at the rate of $250,000 for a 20 minute secret talk.”

God forbid we would ever have a Secretary of Treasury who didn’t come from Goldman Sachs! So Hillary is going to have to walk both sides of the street to get both get votes and money.

Will her cozying up to Black Lives Matter protesters erode her vaunted support by women? Will her pandering to DREAM Act Latinos be anathema to former Sanders supporters who want the system to work for them? We’ll know shortly.

How about Mr. Trump’s game strategy? Clearly his “law and order” acceptance speech at the GOP Convention, followed the next day by senseless slaughter in Munich, rang a bell with security-minded voters.

How about international trade? Everyone who has ever taken a course in economics knows about the “division of labor” principle … how world trade leads to efficiencies which benefit everyone.

That doesn’t impress American workers from industries whose owners took their companies to Singapore or Mexico in pursuit of the last possible penny of profit. How many workers? Enough to get Trump the GOP nomination.

How many Berners will vote for Trump? Pew Research says 9%. Could there be more? The Democratic Party email leak could resonate with even more Berners.

Granted some just want the free stuff they think comes with Socialism but many are disgusted with the “DNC establishment” and its “super delegate” system, which gave the nomination edge to Hillary even before the Iowa Caucuses. Will the leaked emails drive them to Trump or perhaps to sit on their hands next November?

Again and again Trump says: “the system is rigged.” Again and again events such as the DNC email leak and Hillary’s ducking of criminal charges, even after the FBI director indicts her on national TV for lying and sloppy handling of the nation’s secrets lend credibility to his charge (just try to get a copy of her multi-million dollar secret Wall Street speeches).

Will voters, who have been relegated to “outsider” status by the “establishment 1%”, rally around “outsider” Donald J. Trump?

I can hardly wait to find out.

Jim Clark is president of Republican Advocates. He has served on the Nevada and Washoe County GOP Central Committees. He can be reached at tahoesbjc@aol.com.

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