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Jim Clark: Wavering Republicans may want to give Trump a chance (opinion)

McAvoy Layne’s recent “Pine Nuts” column in the Bonanza was headlined: “Forging a well-thought-of Republican party.”

Layne (friends call him “Mac”), who is a dead ringer for Mark Twain, wrote: “As an independent voter I will continue to register as a Democrat until such time as we have open primaries.”

Nevertheless. Mac wrote favorably of Speaker Paul Ryan and seven other GOP congressman whom he watched on CSPAN as Ryan unveiled his anti-poverty plan.

By stark contrast, Mac describes presumptive GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump as having: “… one of the best brains of the 13th century.” Mac asks: “Where did these Paul Ryan Republicans come from and where have they been all my life?”

By complimenting Ryan and bashing Trump, Mac raises a very timely issue.

Trump easily bagged the Republican presidential nomination by condemning fair trade agreements, illegal immigration and unvetted refugees from Middle East wars.

Although his primary election vote total exceeded that of any other Republican in history his advocacy of policies diametrically opposed to globalism, open borders and other Obama Administration policies has earned him public scorn from Hillary Clinton, Leftist America, the main stream media and much of the Republican “establishment.”

It’s not surprising that Speaker Ryan’s proposals to help the poor might be a welcome contrast to Trump’s toughness.

By way of full disclosure, Trump has never been my favorite. Before the Iowa Caucuses, I liked Scott Walker; one slip on foreign policy and it was adios Scott. By the time of the Nevada caucuses, I was for Marco Rubio; a loss to Trump in Florida and Rubio “suspended” his campaign.

Then I thought John Kasich had to be the one, but the final primaries did him in. So in the end it’s either Trump or Hillary. Say the magic words … Supreme Court … and the answer is clear: somehow Republicans have to rationalize Trump.

Let’s start with what panics the GOP “establishment” … free trade. Trump never said he opposed free trade. His company has interests in Scotland, Canada, Turkey, Korea, Dubai, Panama, the Philippines and India.

What he said is he opposes free trade agreements which benefit only a very few well-connected insiders and political donors but devastate American workers and industries by exporting US manufacturing to low cost countries. If a Republican “establishment” member waxes lyrically about “free trade” you know he’s making a buck out of it.

Is Trump a racist or does he just want to get a handle on Immigration? The bracero program of importing temporary Mexican farm workers began during World War I because American boys joined the army to fight the Hun.

Some migrant workers stayed beyond the end of the harvest season. Later the huge US narcotics market brought more illegals. 9-11 brought the threat of Islamic Jihad into our homes and ISIS’ threats poisoned refugees’ prospects.

Although both Republican and Democratic administrations have been guilty of pursuing immigration policies desired by folks who make large political donations, it was when “One World” Obama ignored Congress and issued an unlawful executive order granting amnesty to 5 million selective illegals that the issue got rubbed in voters’ faces.

With all of the finger pointing and screaming little has been said of Trump’s economic plan. University of California Economics Professor Peter Navarro predicts Trump’s plan to cut taxes for individuals and businesses will stimulate GDP growth just as Ronald Reagan’s tax plan did.

Would Trump be a “disaster” as Clinton alleges? Clinton supporter Warren Buffet recently told his stockholders that it will make no difference to the economy whether Clinton or Trump gets elected.

Sure, Trump belittles his opponents with unflattering characterizations and his criticism of a Hispanic judge made me grimace. But consider the alternative. Maybe McAvoy Layne won’t support Trump, but wavering Republicans ought to give it some thought.

Jim Clark is president of Republican Advocates. He has served on the Washoe County and Nevada GOP Central Committees. He can be reached at tahoesbjc@aol.com.

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