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Jim Porters letter to former President H.W. Bush

Dear former President (H. W.) Bush: I am a big fan of yours. As the 41st President of the United States, and before that Ambassador to the United Nations, Chief of the U.S. Liaison Office in the Peoples Republic of China and Director of the CIA, you always proceeded in a thoughtful and balanced manner. You valued the opinion of others.Before engaging in the Gulf War in 1999, you sought and obtained the support of the international community. With mission accomplished in Iraq you knew when it was time to leave. But beyond your statesmen-like term as President of the United States, you were a genuine war hero. I shiver when I look at the picture of you being rescued off the coast of Japan in 1944.As told in Flyboys, you and your navigator and engineer were shot down by Japanese antiaircraft guns just off the Japanese island of Chichi-jima.All three of you bailed out, only you surfaced and made it to a tiny life raft. As you floated towards the island, with Japanese troops rowing out to capture you (with intentions of torturing and then beheading you as was done with every other American pilot held on the island), an amazing thing happened.An American submarine, the USS Finback, surfaced, took the famous photo then brought you aboard disappearing underwater. It was a fortunate day in the history of our country. But former President Bush, I have a favor to ask. Would you take your stubborn son W out behind the old Crawford, Texas woodshed and give him a lecture and old fashion whupping?Grab his boss Karl too. W deserves a big thumpin from papa. Nothing else seems to get through to the guy, despite the efforts of millions of folks all around the world. Even some Republicans. Tell W a thing or two about diplomacy (youll have to get the dictionary out) and statesmanship (again, spell it out for him). See if he would consider speech lessons (although that would put some late night comedians out of business).Explain what a world view is that while cowboy mentality may work in Crawford (and Wyoming), it leaves something to be desired on the international scene. While you are at it if he isnt nodding off as he isnt known for listening or for intellectual curiosity (or so I read), see if you can get him to take yours or the Study Commissions advice on Iraq (the country he occupied due to overwhelming evidence of weapons of mass destruction). You knew when to leave. Tell him its time. Which reminds me of Ws view on the non-issue of global warming: What, Me Worry? Even Alfred E. Neuman would worry about global warming, but not your son, nope not ol W our President. He knows something every legitimate scientist in the world doesnt. Mr. Bush, one thing you taught W well though is the value of corporations in America. He definitely learned that lesson, thats for sure. And he takes care of his friends, not only his corporate buddies but little guys too like Scooter and Alberto. (Do you suppose he is playing politics?)Well, got to go, lots more to say, but I know you are busy. I appreciate your giving a woodshed-talk consideration. You and Barbara are our only hope.Sincerely, Jim PorterP.S. How bout a boat ride on the Fidelity III sometime? Sure looks like fun.Jim Porter is an attorney with Porter Simon, with offices in Truckee, South Lake Tahoe and Reno. He is a mediator and was the Governor’s appointee to the Bipartisan McPherson Commission and the California Fair Political Practices Commission. He may be reached at porter@portersimon.com or at the firms web site http://www.portersimon.com. 2007

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