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Jim Ritchie: Let’s ‘deport’ McClintock from D.C.

Our current representative Tom McClintock apparently admires New Zealand, so he wrote and sponsored a congressional amendment based on a New Zealand model for agriculture.

It was either so ineptly written, or so out of touch with American values, that fewer than 8 percent of his current colleagues would support him.

Does Tom know agriculture? He denies that climate change is real. He stated there should be 250 trees per acre for healthy forests. Would that be Ponderosa pine or legacy oaks? Above or below 4,000 feet? North or South slope? 250 sounds good.

Tom apparently wants to deprive our agricultural base of an essential labor force. He wants to deport every non-legal resident, now. Every one.

Tom is not a legal resident of our district. Tom is not allowed to vote anywhere within our district, and he cannot vote for himself for Congress. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why Congress won’t give Tom a vote.

Let’s “deport” non-legal, inept, ineffective Tom McClintock. I will vote for Jessica Morse.

Jim Ritchie


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