John Ward: Airport Board member Lisa Wallace’s apology falls short

Lisa Wallace’s apology on its surface looks sincere, but look beyond.

She apologizes for any “unintentional” slandering of her co-board members and the harm it caused to a fine local family that she indirectly insinuated were guilty of buying a lease approval at the airport. Of course, the facts don’t support her position now and they didn’t then.

What was the intent of her accusation? It was cleverly structured to develop support for her friend Mary Hetherington who was also running for a seat on the Airport Board against the people she accused of wrong doing. And it worked. No mention of that outcome in Lisa’s apology.

While no one can say for certain what impact this little stunt had on the election, its timing was obviously calculated to damage the campaigns of the two incumbents targeted by Lisa’s accusations. The is the kind of political dirty trick that we see from the “heavyweights” on the national political stage, but in a local election for Airport Board? Really? This is depressingly desperate and should be beneath the integrity of our community office seekers.

Former Mayor Alicia Barr characterized it perfectly in a letter to the Airport Board when she said that this is “not in line with the Truckee way.” She went on to say that it was “inappropriate to use the Board meeting to sabotage the campaign of other running candidates by implying something unethical was done.”

It may have been a clever political move but not a very smart one by someone who heads up the Watershed Council which relies on contributions from the entire community to support their worthwhile programs. Shame on you Lisa.

John Ward

Tahoe City

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