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Learn Italian from the ‘ground floor’

Courtesy photoAnna Goodwin, a native-born Italian and language instructor, enjoys a cuppa in Spain. Her "a casa" Italian programs begin in November.

TAHOE/TRUCKEE, Cailf. – Anna Goodwin is a native-born Italian and has been teaching Italian for seven years in both Tahoe City and Truckee. Both Beginning Italian I and Intermediate Italian I will be taught at the Coffeebar in Truckee, Monday and Wednesday nights, 6:30 p.m. The cost is $185 for an eight-week session starting Nov. 12 for beginner and Nov. 14 for intermediate levels. A book will be needed: “Italian Now!” and can be purchased through Amazon.com for $10. In order to assimilate the Italian language in the most effective way, Goodwin has developed a unique method of teaching called the building a “casa” program.

Build your Italian floor by floor

Goodwin thinks of Italian as an eight-floor building. Her program is based on the idea that every linguistic item is held together by the others. In this way, learning a language is like building a house: An architect cannot build a new floor if the one below is not finished. This program distinguishes eight refined levels tied into the eight floors. You will always be in a class with people of a similar level to improve together.

Eight floors of Italian

Floor 1. What do they say in the weather forecast? What should I say in a supermarket? What should I say to book a room in a hotel? Where is Milano? How do I introduce myself to others? What is the proper attire to go to a wedding or baptism? What is the tradition and culture in the various regions of Italy? You start from scratch but you will quickly be able to use your Italian in everyday life contexts by learning the basic grammar and vocabulary.

Floor 2. You have reached the second floor! You are now going to learn how to speak about your present and present perfect plans. You will be able to interact in many social contexts such as asking information about an apartment or a house for rent and ask for directions, or supermarket shopping, or how to get to the train station.

Floor 3. Now you are going to deal with different topics such as your funny stories, daily living, etc. You will also learn to communicate in a wider range of everyday life and travel contexts. So, you will get more vocabulary and improve your understanding of the language.

Floor 4. On the fourth floor, you are going to strengthen your knowledge so as to understand better and speak more fluently. You will also start learning a key feature of Italian grammar: the imperfect.

Floor 5. On the fifth floor, you will begin reading and writing in Italian. You will also learn “the imperative” and how to use it and when. You will begin interacting in a simple way with your fellow students.

Floor 6. On the sixth floor we will reinforce your four simple verb tenses and vocabulary and continue practicing to speak with other fellow students. You are now more comfortable and much more at ease with the language, and wish to speak in sentences and paragraphs.

Floor 7. You are going to perfect and put into practice all the conversational skills and grammar you have learned up to now. You are mainly going to improve by extending your vocabulary and refining your use of style and tone.

Floor 8. You are close to the final level! At this point, you have acquired a general knowledge of Italian. You will now improve by learning how to write simple sentences and paragraphs utilizing the verbs and vocabulary that you have already learned.

To sign up or for more information, contact Goodwin at 530-587-6054 or annagoodwin@suddenlink.net.

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