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Let’s take back our country with Ben Carson | Opinion

It’s time “We thePeople” take back our country. Enough is enough! We must show our career politicians they work for us. We owe this to future generations.

Our founding fathers wrote a brilliant document, the U.S. Constitution. Government by the people for the people. They never intended that those governing should be career politicians. They were intended to go to Washington for a limited time in service to their country and then return to their chosen professions.

Our career politicians worry mainly about their own re-election. They write laws for us that do not apply to them. They spend money like drunken sailors and are bankrupting our nation. They consider themselves royalty.

If you watched the recent presidential debate, there was one candidate who stood out from the crowd. He is a recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom. He is a brilliant individual and a true patriot. He talks common sense and will heal our nation. He cares about our country and future generations.


Doctor Ben Carson believes that if we follow the Constitution, live within our national means and exercise our freedom of speech, We the People can still save this once great nation.

He believes “political correctness” is slowly strangling our freedom. If you are not familiar with Dr. Carson, a world-renowned neurosurgeon, please research his background. Listen to his speech to the National Prayer Breakfast (27 minutes on You Tube). See him and listen to him at the Corley ranch in Gardnerville at 10 a.m. on Saturday, Aug. 15.

GET INVOLVED. Join this truly grassroots movement started by John Philip Sousa IV and others to put a true patriot in the White House. The movement is growing stronger daily.

Jim McConnell

Incline Village

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