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Let’s talk about that elephant in Kings Beach

For a year now in the community of Kings Beach, a grassroots organization has made strides and leaps towards addressing the abuse of drugs and the rapid growth of youth engaged in gang activities.

Although not an easy task to do, parents and youth of Creciendo Unidos and Creating Alternatives have stood face to face with not only the fear of retaliation from those involved in that lifestyle. But above all they have taken the risk to a greater degree that could expose their legal status.

In such a small community like Kings Beach, the human living condition is the responsibility of each member within it, and this organization is standing alongside their children and children not of their own asking themselves how long will it take for “our community” to not only accept but to embrace the reality that our streets and youth are becoming infested with gangs and drugs by the day?

Let’s face the fact: In less than five years, Kings Beach and its youth will become victims of these pandemic diseases if something is not done soon. This organization is asking you to Come in Unity (Community) and acknowledge the big giant pink elephant that is sitting there staring at you with sunglasses. Don’t just start talking about it or shift the responsibility to an agency or organization to deal with. Don’t blame or condemn others with what is our responsibility as members of this community.

Sure, we could all wipe our hands by saying, “I give funds to organizations that work with at-risk youth” or “What can I do when the issue is greater then me?”

No issue or problem is greater than one person, because at the end a person was the one that caused the problem. Just as it took one person to start it, another person can prevent it from spreading.

We want to ask you to think and act as if your own child or family members were using drugs or involved with gangs. What would you do or say, where would you go, and how important would these issues be to you? Talk with us and let us know what your thoughts are. Tell us that you will take an active role in sharing that responsibility with us. Let us know how you can help prevent these diseases from spreading.

Come in Unity and let’s start talking about that giant pink elephant with sunglasses who is sitting there patiently awaiting our conversation.

Please send your thoughts and responses to Creciendo-Unidos@hotmail.com

Emilio Vaca was one of the organizers of Creciendo Unidos in Kings Beach.

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