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Letter: Reduce energy to show you care

To the editor,

Waiting for the war in the Middle East has made me feel uncomfortable. I’ve thought that maybe I should protest the United States’ intervention in the Middle East. I could join all of the others and jump in my Suburban and go to war protest rallies. That might make me feel better.

I did a little research and found that the main reason we are involved in the Middle East is because of oil. The reason that we have been supplying them arms and pitting them against each other, the reason that hundreds of thousands have died sense our intervention. So what gives me the right to jump into my Yukon and go to a war protest rally? What gives me the right to say that only the other people use gas and I don’t?

Every time someone votes for a Republican or a Democrat they are voting for a party that will flex to the demands of the American people regardless of the impact on others in the world might as well be pulling the trigger on a gun.

Every time I vote for Democrat or Republican I am allowing someone to lead me into a situation such as Bosnia, Vietnam or the Middle East. I am against the war but as long as I keep using gas and vote for one of the two big parties I guess I will be a murderer. Until I change I will not tell others to change. When we do go to war I will support my government and the troops who are fighting for me. I am an American and I will change my ways to show that people’s lives are not worth the luxuries I receive by my excessive use of energy.

Show that you care, try reducing your energy use by 50 or more. Vote for a party that will care about something more than being in office and having power. That will be the message that will echo more than that of hypocrisy.

Dan Warren


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