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Letter: Refrain from name calling

To the editor,

After reading Mr. Porter’s Law Review article in the Feb. 27 paper, and the response to said article by Mr. Scott Robinson in the March 6 paper, I would like to offer a comment. Certainly there is no need to call one another names.

It is implicit in a democracy that we have differences of opinion. Furthermore, it is very patriotic to express your opinion whether everyone agrees with you or not. How else does a democracy govern itself without the input of the citizens in said democracy. There are legitimate concerns both at home and abroad about the conduct of the United States and the manner in which it is promoting a military conflict in the Middle East.

At home and abroad there are people who agree and people who disagree with the conduct and the international policy of the American government. Let us step back a wee bit, take a deep breath and promote one another’s ability to form their own point of view and express the same and refrain from name-calling. Let us conduct ourselves as adults. Our government would be all the better if more people would express themselves and their concerns instead of remaining a part of the great silent majority. Remember, in a democracy we get what we deserve.

Dale E. Wood