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Letter to the Editor: A BevMo! on Donner Pass Road?

I was and continue to be shocked that the big box liquor distributor BevMo! is proposing a store on Donner Pass Road, I believe near the Bank of America.

They have submitted a land use application to the Town of Truckee. I imagine they have done some research and believe a big box liquor store would be successful here. However, they must not know the nature of our community or of the mission put forward by the General Plan.

The General Plan states that we want to retain the small, rural town nature of Truckee. It appears to me that we have already gone significantly beyond that. But this application really flies in the face of that mission. And to propose to place a large national chain store structure selling alcoholic beverages along our historic Donner Pass Road is beyond ludicrous.

The town has sponsored several public workshops with the goal of creating local policies related to the distribution, growing, and use of marijuana. These meetings are very well attended with much public input revealing a wide range of reactions and ideas.

What was stated from all sides of this subject is that alcohol is the biggest problem in our community among teens, as well as adults. The use of this drug is widely acceptable and its abuse is common. It is widely available in our community; Zanders liquor store, Safeway, SaveMart, 7-Eleven, gas stations, and of course in our many eating establishments. So, would the addition of a liquor “supermarket” along our historic main street be a welcome addition to our town’s ambiance?

The fact of adding this type of business to our community is one thing, but proposing it within one-quarter mile of schools, and in a location that is part of Truckee’s history is beyond any logic that I can see except of course, economic gain in a high traffic area.

The expansion of our town is running rampant. We must be diligent, conscious, and aware to maintain some semblance of our values. We must question and make our thoughts heard. If we don’t, we will surely lose what it is that has us calling Truckee home.

Rolf Godon


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