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Letter to the Editor: A good feeling in Squaw Valley

I came away from the US National Alpine Championships at Squaw recently with a wonderful feeling: pride. I was not the only one. Pride was felt by everyone involved; from the organizers to the locals.

It is not easy to host an event such as US Nationals. Securing the event from USSA requires competing with many qualified ski areas with a diligent proposal that is vetted at many levels.

Money and a real commitment are required. I have been part of similar events around the world, such as World Cups, World Cup Finals and the Olympics. Each requires a tremendous effort on the part of the host.

Our mountain demonstrated at the highest level what it takes to put on a National event. Without exception the comments from athletes and coaches were ecstatic and complimentary regarding organization, course preparation, safety, entertainment and of course our perfect Tahoe weather.

Numerous competitors (and even one typically reserved World Cup USST Austrian coach) felt that this was a world-class event on a world class hill.

The feeling of pride became most evident to me at the celebration hosted by Squaw for those involved in working the event: the course workers, ski patrol and organizers.

As the event director for the Medical issues, I was invited to join them. I was struck by the high fives, smiles and widespread exclamations, like, “We did it,” “Everyone loved the mountain,” and “I wish we could do more of this.”

Good work and congratulations to all involved in this great event in Squaw Valley. Thanks for providing a feeling of pride that all of us in the community can enjoy.

Rick Ganong

Olympic Valley