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Letter to the Editor: A heroic tale in Glenshire

Sunday afternoon there was an accident on Dorchester Drive in Glenshire. A man was attempting to change the tire on his boat trailer when the trailer took a tumble and the wheel well landed on his hand.

He yelled for help and was overheard by neighbor Alanna Hughes, who was in her home sewing party favors for her daughter’s upcoming birthday party.

Alanna rushed down to assess the situation and immediately ran for help next door, where the Feicks were outside playing lawn games with visiting family. All the men rushed over to help move the trailer off the man’s hand, but it was too heavy.

Next door, Joe “Mac” MacDonald was working in his new store. A customer came in and told him that there was a man yelling for help outside.

Mac quickly realized that they needed more manpower, and in total “MacGyver” fashion pulled a board off of the Brimer’s fence with his bare hands and wedged it under the boat and trailer. This was what was needed, and the boat trailer lifted off the injured hand.

Later that day, the boat owner came over to the Feicks to say that his hand was remarkably not broken and that he was grateful for all the help. The real hero was Mac, who had the foresight to know what was needed and acted quickly. (Don’t worry Jamie — Charlie hammered the fence board back on!)

I hope anyone who is going into the Glenshire General Store will give Mac a big pat on the back and let him know what a hero he was on Labor Day weekend.

He is the new owner of the Glenshire General Store and a heck of a nice guy!

Janet Green Feick