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Letter to the Editor: A trail to the future

We made Truckee our home in 1990. Over the years we owned and ran businesses, raised a family, and are now retired. We are proud to be part of a community that values open space and active lifestyles.

There are many good reasons to vote yes on Measure R. One that resonates with us is that the funds from this small sales tax increase will stay in Truckee and will be used 100 percent for trails.

Measure R will build and maintain trails for walkers, hikers, runners, cyclist, families with children, and for children going to and from school. Seniors and disabled will have access to the outdoors, the Truckee River and Donner Lake.

We value and support our town’s up keep of roads, our schools, our health care facilities, our historical district, fire and police departments, Parks & Recreation district and many more such public amenities and facilities.

All of these enhance the quality of our daily lives and come with a cost associated with them. However, it is a cost that enriches our lives and our economy many times over. As a retired couple, we see Measure R as a very small price to receive so much in return.

A Yes vote on R will assure us and everyone in Truckee, now and in the future, one more reason to proudly call Truckee our home.

Mike and Ann Linnett