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Letter to the Editor: Advise healthy debate

To the editor,

I applaud Mr. Porter for his editorial on Iraq a few weeks ago. Especially since I’m sure he knew the inevitable letter calling him un-patriotic and un-American would be coming in the next paper. This is the legacy we have, so far, from the new Bush Administration.

There is an air of fear, suspicion and intolerance of others’ beliefs not seen since the McCarthy days in the early ’50s. “If your not with us, you’re against us.” But the world isn’t as simple, and black and white as Mr. Bush sees it. For instance, I believe very few people who are opposed to this war, would say that we shouldn’t keep pressure on Iraq until we can prove that they have the W’s of MD. Yes, the inspection route will take longer, but if we are right about the weapons being there, the outcome will be the same. We go in and and oust Hussein.

Only then will we have the support of the United Nations. In the meantime, American soldiers aren’t dying, Saddam is kept too busy to worry about attacking us and we aren’t turning the rest of the world against us by insisting we’re right and everyone else on the planet is wrong. Of course, now that we have sent hundreds of thousands of troops there and are spending millions to keep them poised on the brink of war, Mr. Bush has a problem. If he brings some soldiers back and just leaves what’s needed to keep the pressure on, he will admit to making a mistake and of course we will hear from Iraq that they won the standoff.

This won’t happen, so we’re stuck. Just another in a long line of Bush blunders, along with the Axis of Evil speech, the economy and “duct tape and plastic sheeting.” It’s no surprise that things are not going as planned. The other day it was reported that this attack on Iraq was “planned” in a conservative think tank in DC, back in 1997. The group that did the planning included familiar names like Cheney, Rumsfield and Wolfowitz. After that report, it seems obvious that the connection between Osama and Hussein was just a good device to put the plan into action. I have no doubt that if 9/11 had never happened we would still be right where we are today, for some other reason. That was the plan. So my advice is, support the inspections, support our soldiers, and have a healthy debate over your government’s actions.

Timothy Siefert


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