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Letter to the Editor: Airport noise less than interstate, trains

As a commercial pilot for an international airline who also flies a corporate turbo prop into and out of Truckee airport, along with my own private small plane for 33 years, I find Mr. Gotschall’s and Peter Trummer’s statements false, misleading and uneducated.

While I don’t dispute that airport noise is a controversial subject, I would argue that in this case it is self-serving to Mr. Gotschall’s budget and staffing levels to keep the community and#8220;awareand#8221; of the noise.

If the residents of Truckee were truly concerned about noise, then I would suggest we would see all of the same constraints placed on Union Pacific Railroad and a and#8220;voluntaryand#8221; curfew on traffic using Interstate 80. Surely the airport is not as and#8220;noisyand#8221; as the freeway or train tracks, which can be heard throughout the basin.

I take a professional issue with Mr Gotschall’s quote; and#8220;We always say safety first and#8212;-it’s ultimately up to the pilots.and#8221; Not once in the airports mission statement is the word safety used, and yes, it is up to the pilots, but it is also Mr. Gotchall’s job to provide a safe airport environment from which to operate.

I too have been the recipient of Mr. Gotchall’s policy of harassment of pilots who deviate from the noise departure procedure for and#8220;safetyand#8221; reasons, along with knowing locally based pilots who have been threatened with eviction for not conforming to his views on and#8220;safeand#8221; operation.

I encourage the residents of the Tahoe Truckee basin to drive out to the airport, look around, not at the aircraft, but at the empire Mr. Gotchall has built using our dollars in fancy new trucks and vehicles, state of the art office and operations office, but lacking of a true flight planning center and pilot/passengers services.

I am charged $100 every time I park for any amount of time (as little as 10 minutes) to pick up passengers and what do I get for $100? Someone who drives up in a new four-wheel drive truck who puts two blocks of wood under my tires and drives off. Welcome to Tahoe.

Mr. Trummer states and#8220;our Airportand#8221; as if it’s owned by a select few who dictate who can and cannot use the airport; it is in fact owned by the Federal Government for the use of all.

I would bet that Mr. Trummer is one of the people who does file noise complaints, I would caution anyone who does file a complaint that it does in fact become a matter of public record. That complaint demonstrates that there is something that affects the value of and#8220;yourand#8221; property and must be disclosed to future buyers by California law.

Do the people who live in the Tahoe basin realize that all of those planes are flying over their homes are avoiding the homes of a select few who complain constantly? Three complainers generated 43 percent of the complaints.

In closing, I ask that if all of this is truly and#8220;voluntaryand#8221; and that and#8220;it’s ultimately up to the pilots,and#8221; why would you spend money for this system when it’s not going to be used to pressure pilots.

I like flying into and out of Truckee safely, quietly and politely, but no one likes being second-guessed by someone who wasn’t there over a safety issue, and there is not a single successful noise abatement procedure anywhere in the United States.

The complaints continue due to the transference of noise, and due to the encouragement of airport managements.

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